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सोनिया के समधी की रहस्यमय मौत

नई दिल्ली। कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष सोनिया गांधी की बेटी प्रियंका गांधी वाड्रा के ससुर राजिंदर वाड्रा शुक्रवार को दक्षिण दिल्ली स्थित एक गेस्टहाउस में पंखे से लटके पाए गए। एक वरिष्ठ पुलिस अधिकारी ने ‘आईएएनएस’ से कहा, “दिल्ली के हौजखास क्षेत्र में गेस्टहाउस सिटी इन में राजिंदर पंखे से लटके मिले। उन्होंने फांसी लगाने के लिए तार का इस्तेमाल किया। रूम अटेंडेंट ने उनको पंखे से लटके हुए सुबह करीब 9.30 बजे देखा”।अधिकारी ने कहा, “गेस्टहाउस कर्मचारियों ने उन्हें तत्काल साकेत स्थित अस्पताल पहुंचाया, जहां डॉक्टरों ने उन्हें मृत घोषित कर दिया। पोस्टमार्टम के लिए शव सफदरजंग अस्पताल भेज दिया गया है”।अधिकारी के अनुसार 60 वर्षीय वाड्रा कुछ समय से गेस्टहाउस में रह रहे थे। उनका लिवर संबंधित बीमारी का इलाज मैक्स अस्पताल में चल रहा था। पोस्टमार्टम के बाद उनका शव उनके पुत्र रॉबर्ट वाड्रा को सौंप दिया गया। जिसके बाद उनका अंतिम संस्कार लोधी रोड शवदाह गृह में किया गया। राजिंदर वाड्रा उत्तरप्रदेश के मुरादाबाद में सिविल लाइंस इलाके में रहते थे और वहां पीतल और लकड़ी से जुड़े शिल्पकला का व्यापार करते थे। करीब सात-आठ साल पहले रॉबर्ट वाड्रा ने अपने पिता और बड़े भाई रिचर्ड को नोटिस भेजा था जिसमें उन्होंने आरोप लगाया था कि प्रियंका से उनके रिश्ते का फायदा उठाते हुए वे उत्तरप्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी और मुरादाबाद जिला कांग्रेस कमेटी में लोगों की नियुक्तियां करवाते हैं। अपने परिवार से अलग रह रहे राजिंदर वाड्रा ने एक साक्षात्कार में बेटे के आरोप से इंकार किया था और बेटे की कांग्रेस पार्टी की अध्यक्ष सोनिया गांधी की पुत्री प्रियंका के साथ शादी पर नाखुशी जताई थी। कुछ वर्ष पहले राजिंदर की बेटी मिशेल की भी एक कार दुर्घटना में मौत हो गई थी।

लेखक के सभी लेख पड़ने के लिए देखे लेखक की वेबसाइट


Sometimes newspapers and T.V. News Channels decide what we should know and what we should not. Subramaniam Swamy's allegations against Sonia Gandhi were a case in point. We read about them day in and day out, without being told what the allegations were.
At some point in the month of March or April maverick politician Subramaniam Swamy who has been described as "a one-man demolition squad in Indian politics" held a press conference to make a series of serious allegations against Congress Party president, and the leader of the Opposition in India's Parliament. Most Delhi newspapers ignored them. With one or two exceptions, they did not even report his press conference. But Swami is persistent. He followed up on his charges with the government, and then suddenly it was announced that they had been referred to the Central Bureau of Investigation.
Now suddenly the newspapers were full of these charges, without telling you what they were. Some mentioned them briefly, somewhere in the body of the copy in passing. Other papers like the Hindustan Times covered the story of the incensed Congress party creating a daily rumpus in Parliament without telling you what the "baseless allegations" were that were angering the Congress. Very few magazines or newspapers wrote full-fledged pieces on them. They decided collectively, that the public had no right to know more.
On the day the Prime Minister clarified that there was no CBI inquiry as yet into these charges the Express reported the story as a first lead and put the charges (with the word in inverted commas) at the bottom of the story. The politics of the charges now made sure the story was on page one day after day but the substance of the charges was still not news. Congress Party spokesman Jaipal Reddy confirmed this when he said at one of his press briefings "even the media chose to ignore these allegations."
When asked why the press had been so shy of telling us what exactly Sonia Gandhi had been accused of, veteran political correspondents gave the following reasons: Swami is a loose cannon. His credibility is not high. The charges were serious, and difficult to prove. The press corps felt uneasy about them. So they would refer to the charges but not go to tone with them.
One allegation had to do with Rahul Gandhi receiving funds from the KGB. The second was about Sonia Gandhi being an insurance agent when she was not an Indian citizen. And the third and most serious was that her mother and sister had links with the LTTE, the Tamil guerrilla organisation that had assassinated her husband Rajiv. A fourth said she had illegally exported antiques.
The political editor of a newspaper adds, when charges are levelled against the prime minister and the leader of the opposition, the press is circumspect about them unless there is adequate proof.
Point taken, but still, readers have a right to know. Precisely because she holds such a crucial post in a democracy. And also because recent past history has shown that Subramaniam Swamy's persists with his charges. As Neerja Choudhury pointed out in her profile of him in the Indian Express, All India Anna DMK chief Jayalalitha has been convicted in two out of six cases he filed against her. If we have to keep reading about these allegations, we should know what they are.
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Much has been said and written about 2004 General Election. What was the actual reason for the lost of BJP no concrete answer has been given either by BJP or by congress party?
If you want to borrow the reason for defeat from congress, communist or other so called secular parties than answer is very simple; people of India were fed up with communal politics of NDA. Another reason given by so-called secularist is that people were enthusiastic and rejuvenated under the dynamic leadership of Sonia Gandhi.
I don't subscribe to either of these two ideas. I have a different view of whole scenario. If we really want to analyse the defeat of BJP let us go back by a few years and understand the internal dynamics of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
A decade ago, as BJP came close to power, Atal and Advani prepareded the party to acquire the power. The party, now, has widely three categories of people.
The first category is of stars. By definition, a star is one, who has mass appeal. Orators, rabble-rousers, film actors and actresses, cricket players, well-known journalists and authors, even politicians from other parties and retired bureaucrats and judicial officers - fall in this category. Stars help the party by drawing people towards the party. This give BJP huge advantage over other political party who are lacking of Stars, especially Congress party which has got stars entirely from one family.
The second category includes fulltime workers of the party. Most of them join the party (or some related maternal organization of Sangh Parivar) early in their youth. They possess great skills required for 'organizational work' of BJP. They never wanted be employed in any job or profession. Most of them come from middle class families and have full faith in party ideology. They do live in party offices round the clock and render all possible help.
Almost as a rule, party takes care that only such people are given responsibility as fulltime workers, who have full faith in ideology of Nationalism.
Then there is third category of party-men, which consists of ordinary party workers.
BJP through its act proved that it would never compromise with the corruption. The height of this discipline was seen when, after Tehelka scandal, Party asked Party President Bangaru Laxman to resign and Bangaru resigned. Needless to say that it is only BJP where even Party President can be asked to resign. If it would have been any other party I never think that Party president would have resigned.
When Uma Bharti showed indiscipline, she was suspended from the party. No tears need be shed for her. She was a BJP star, who helped the party rise to power in Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, she was a disaster as a Chief Minister. In the present episode, she has acted in a manner for which she was always known. Uma Bharti has proved incapable of governance. She is like a spoilt brat, who deserves no sympathy for her tantrums.
RSS plays its role in the setup by supplying a steady stream of fulltime workers and also a significant portion of ordinary workers.
The challenge before the party is to re-engineer itself as a party of governance and nationalistic ideology. For too long, the party has not acted directly in direction of achieving goal of Nationalism. It is slowly driving away competent, qualified, educated people who earlier chose to knock on its doors.
On the other hand, some incompetent state level bosses of the party are treating talent and competence as threats. They, are encouraging flattery and sycophancy in the party hierarchy. But the party needs talented, competent, capable persons, who can stand up to the incompetent state level bosses of party and guide and tell him that he is wrong, whenever they are wrong. BJP must re-evolve to a party of governance with specific ideology. Bharat needs a party like that for her democracy to survive.
Now let us talk progress made by BJP since 1980. Under the liberal leadership of Shri A.B. Vajpayee BJP got 2 seats in 1984 Loksabha election. Than came change in the BJP. After Advani's arrival as BJP president BJP brought nationalistic agenda to its main ideological front in aggressive and convincing manner. There was Boforce Scandal and people were hungry for change and wanted to make Shri V.P. Singh Prime Minister. In 1989 election BJP increased its tally to approximately 90 seats.
In 1990 BJP started Ram Temple movement and increased its tally in Loksabha and touched the 117 seats mark. In 1996 BJP emerged as single largest party in the Loksabha. It seems that BJP was hungry for power. It was almost 5 decades BJP was sitting in opposition. BJP never wanted to give up this chance of forming the government. The Vajpayee government of 1996 only lasted for 13 days, as they could not muster support of any other political party except Shivsena, which was its pre pole partner.
In 1998 BJP again emerged as single largest party. This time they make nice pre pole alliance, and this paid dividend for the BJP. It succeeded in forming the government with support of all Anti-congress elements. It was well thought decision of BJP to form the government in 1998. National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was formed and under the dynamic leadership of Shri A.B. Vajpayee government started functioning well.
Though BJP thought that it would strengthen its position and ideology by remaining in government but it failed in achieving that goal otherwise the government was functioning well. BJP was bound to compromise its nationalistic ideology to keep the secular partner with him. But by exploding nuclear bomb in May 1998 Vajpayee tried to prove that they are still heading with their nationalist agenda.
When people were happy with the performance of BJP and were satisfied with the NDA, Sonia Gandhi with support of all so-called secular party toppled the Vajpayee government. Sonia thought that people and all secular party will support her in forming the central government but she proved wrong. This wrong decision of Congress party further provided chance to Pakistan to make incursion in Bharat occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Vajpayee government not only defended the land of Bharat Mata but also defeated the congress party in the general election.
During 1999 election a debate started all over country about Sonia Gandhi's foreign origin and her Anti-Bharat approach during Kargil war.
The core issue for which BJP was known to be different than other political parties were Ram Temple issue, uniform civil code and Article 370. It was possible for the leader of BJP to create mass awareness among masses about their ideology and strengthen their mass base but BJP failed substantially in this direction.
From 1999 to 2004 BJP made all endeavour to prove that it is not only congress but BJP can also provide a stable government. In this whole exercise BJP totally lost its nationalistic identity. It was common perception of BJP voters that BJP is trying to prove better than Congress.
If we want to compare the performance of BJP government in these five years with the performance of 50 year of congress party then it cannot be denied that NDA has done a great job. There was huge investment in infrastructure building and poverty alleviation programme.
There has been lot of talk about effect of FEEL GOOD and BHARAT UDAI. When advertisement of Bharat Udai was started it was heart touching. Mass of this country came to know about the achievement of NDA during these five-year. So many political leaders of other political parties crossed to BJP camp. There was definite feel good. But this slogan, which was in the heart of people, did not convert into vote for BJP due to other aspect of real politics.
If we read whatever mentioned above than there is nothing for which BJP could have lost the power. Actually, there were number of mistakes committed by BJP which resulted in its defeat.
The biggest reason for BJP's lost was its reluctant approach on foreign-born issue. Core voter of BJP expected that leaders of BJP would take firm stand against not only on foreign-born issue but related corruption charges against Sonia Gandhi. But at some level BJP got convinced that foreign-born issue will benefit congress party. BJP failed to oppose corruption charges levelled by Sonia Gandhi during course of election rallies and road shows, and BJP leaders knowing well various scandals in which Sonia Gandhi was involved did not even tried to raise those issues. This provided a false perception in the mind of masses that BJP was involved in corruption and Congress leader was an innocent lady, who has done a great sacrifice by marring to and Indian and she was able to emotionally blackmail Indian mass by calling herself Bahu, Beti and Vidhwa.Satya Mave Jayte (let the truth prevail) is the Mantra. When we are talking to the masses they except leaders to tell the truth. If it is perceived by the people that some thing is being hided from them than people do teach a lesson for it.
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After reading this book one would came to conclusion that why I am against Sonia. I want to clarify that I am not against Sonia per se; I am against her because I am not able to understand how she can change his loyalty merely because she has been issued with citizenship certificate of this country.
Suppose I go to some other country and due to slackly codified rule of that country I get a chance to get elected to political post. For that law will demand me to declare that I am loyal to that country. I am sure just for the sake of occupying high political post I may take oath and say that I am loyal to that country. But real question will be, Can it change my heart? I think not because my heart will only sing 'Saare Jahan se Acchha Hindustan Hamara.'
Changing loyalty to some other nation is just like changing mother. And we all know that no one can change his mother though some one may falsely claim so. I want to know from Sonia - Is she trying to deceit us by showing herself patriotic Indian? I think as many as dialogue I came across in Hindi movies to express patriotism, all most all has been read by Sonia Gandhi from different stages.
And what is guarantee as she changed her loyalty from Italy to India, she will not change her loyalty from India to some other country viz. Vatican. After all her allegiance to Vatican is already established her being a catholic Christian.
What is said in Sanskrit, “Janani janma Bhumischa swargadapi gariyase” That means mother and motherland is higher than heaven. And it is part of our culture. Does Sonia did not love her motherland more than heaven. If she say, No, she does not love her motherland more than heaven then at least we the people of India are not going to allow her to become Prime Minister of India, and If the is yes then she should explain what she is doing in India? Is she serving interest of Italy and Vatican? But Sonia claims to have changed her loyalty from Italian to Indian. If today she has changed her loyalty from Italy to India tomorrow she may change her loyalty to America if she is allowed to hold post of American President because it is more lucrative.
Most of the time and most of the things she refers in speech is use to be dialogue from B-grade Hindi Movie. If not then definitely it sounds like dialogue from Hindi Movie. If a person will give second thought to what she says in her speech, he will came to know that what ever she says are normally not spoken in our real life. It is only found in B-grade Hindi movies. But there are so many Hindi movies normally we come across a dialogue, which says if you can change your loyalty from your old master to us then definitely you can change loyalty from us also. Why in Hindi movie a hero enters to the territory of other country? It is either to spy or to make destruction in that country. According to those stories what Sonia is doing in India? Is she spying or she is here in some other mission.
We need to be very conscious and alert. It is not only for me it is for every one. Mainly for the leaders of the congress party. Better have some belief on your self. In more than four and half decade congress has performed in most corrupted manner.
A Prime Minister who is foisted on the Nation by the accident of birth or marriage is likely to surround herself with coterie of self-serving advisors and ruin the country. Even some persons from Vatican may surround her after she becomes Prime Minister. We have the example of Sanjay Gandhi (de facto PM of mid seventies) and Rajeev Gandhi who squandered a massive sympathy mandate because of indecisiveness even in choosing and retaining his coterie. Thousands of patriotic Sikhs were killed as soon as he became Prime Minister. In place of taking concrete step to stop killing of innocent people he tried to justify it by saying when a big tree falls earth is bound to shake or words to that effect. He kneed before threat of fundamentalist Muslims and Hazee Mastan and reverted the historical decision of Supreme Court in Sahabano case. When he met American President first time he requested the President of USA to release Adil Khan who was going under punishment of 35 years for felony. In Bofors Scandal his role is not secret for the people.
Democracy needs leaders who come up from the ranks and not foisted on. Her foreigner tab does hurt my Indian Ego. A foreigner pitch forked to be our ruler not because of her work among the masses but only because she married an erstwhile Prince of Indian Politics, betrays our inability to develop a National leadership. Prime-Minister ship of India should not be accessible to anyone, even to Indians, by climbing a one-step political ladder.
Sonia Gandhi wants us to believe that because her grandfather-in-law, her mother-in-law and her husband were all prime ministers of India, she too has the divine right to that position.
And if someone is interested to know about Sonia's political interest, read columnist Tavleen Singh's recently published book entitled Lollipop Street she has given a very clear picture of her. In the years that she claims to have known Sonia Gandhi rather well, the author writes 'with Sonia all conversations were inclined to be about trivia. Other people, clothes, holidays, children. When it came to politics, she was completely contemptuous of anything to do with the subject... her only contribution to political comment usually was to talk about some leader whom she disliked. She knew nothing about the issues fundamental to politics in India; nor did she make any effort to learn them. Her social awareness did not extend beyond the drawing rooms of Delhi till Rajeev Gandhi was killed.' And here's Tavleen Singh's knockout punch: 'I knew that she had never shown any inclination to do anything that would bind her to India in any way.' And to think that this is the person whom the Congress is thrusting on the nation as their one and only leader.
Congress, the fearless political machine of irrepressible dreamers who spearheaded India’s freedom struggle against the world’s greatest colonial power, stands reduced to a motley cheering squad for the scion of a fledgling political dynasty.
The issue for a citizen like me is Sonia Gandhi’s citizenship, nationality and patriotism. It is the unanswered questions regarding her compliance with Indian citizenship laws in using an Italian passport on overseas trips and fleeing to Italy during the Indo-Pak War of 1971 and allegedly seeking shelter in the Italian Embassy following Indira Gandhi’s arrest and holding the share of Maruti by violating Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and getting her name on voting list without being citizen of this country and acquiring the property of AICC office and converting it to building of Rajeev Gandhi Foundation and criminally converting the property of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts to her personal use. This all the questions she is suppose to reply before she wants to head the Indian Government.
Indian citizens must have seen how the people of Congress Party reacting when any member of Parliament starts speaking about Sonia Gandhi. Why? Is it only because some truth will come to the knowledge of Indian masses about their sole leader? I know very little about her. She has been living in some western countries. We know what is western culture. She is taking oath in public that she is real Indian (mere khoon ka katra kahta hai ki yeh mera vatan hai yeh mera vatan hai). She may not be knowing properly what does these words means. And if she knows the meaning then why does she choose son of an Italian Christian lady to marry her daughter. There is only one reply do not make personal attack. Why? Why we should not make personal attack? Some one whose background is not known. Who has been lying on record to the nation whether it is about her name or about her qualification? And if anyone wants to raise these questions all Congress MP’s create rowdies in the parliament. The election commissioner advises the party not to make personal attack. This country is not personal property of Nehru Gandhi Dynasty. If some people say so they are mentally bankrupt. They need help of psychiatrist. She is providing false information about her past. She doesn't want to discuss what she was doing in Cambridge.
Though people in India are not so literate but they do understand what is truth. Unfortunately the Congress party has not allowed to let the people know what is truth. The congress party has developed a system where even normal citizen has become corrupt. Citizens don't find anything wrong in paying bribe and getting his/her job done. The clerks and the government officers feel that taking bribe is their fundamental right. We need to get rid of this system.
It is also a issue that what her contribution has been in the 15 years as an Indian citizen or the 30 years that she has lived in India. The calculation with which Sonia has nurtured her ambitions and the political farce to which she has reduced the idealistic vision of Mahatma Gandhi to be blood curdling, especially when she so hypocritically invokes his name.
When Indira was chosen Congress President, Nehru was not happy. For all her faults, Indira Gandhi had earned her spurs and had on her own merit even been inducted into Shastri’s cabinet as a relatively junior minister. It was Indira who shamelessly transformed this party of doyens into a caucus of midgets, then reduced it to a family business, even thrusting first a semi-illiterate and unemployable son Sanjay and then a reluctant college drop-out Rajeev on to the national stage. The calculated evisceration of Indian democratic institutions was complete under Rajeev; Sonia is but the latest nail in its putrid coffin. It was the futile hope of liberal democrats that the country was at long last rid of the unending menace of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty following Rajiv’s death that makes Sonia’s resurgence so particularly galling.
And what has Sonia done to deserve the honour of becoming India’s prime minister? By her own accounts she has been a loving wife, a nurturing mother and a respectful daughter-in-law. Nehru deemed his daughter worthy enough to encourage within the party and even Indira Gandhi in her lifetime inflicted her sons on the country. But neither she, nor indeed Sonia’s husband, whose names she vainly invokes, dreamt of bringing her even into the party. Indeed, she did not acquire primary member of the Congress Party until August 1997, years after her husband’s death.
So she dredged out their memories, for she has none of her own, for the collective catharsis that was the AICC session. As her maudlin speech demonstrated, her vision of India does not even extend to Nehru; it begins with Indira Gandhi and is lifted in full Technicolor from B-grade Hindi movies: Main suhagin yahin bani. Maa yahin bani. Main vidhwa aapki aankhon ke saamne hui. Is desh ki sabse mahaan putri Indiraji ne apni saansa meri bahon mein tori. Mere khoon ki ek ek boond kahti hain ki yeh mera vatan hair, yeh mera vatan hai. (I became a bride here; I became a mother here; I became a widow before your very eyes. This country’s greatest daughter Indiraji took her last breath in my arms. Every single drop of my blood cries, this is my country. This is my country). The farcical, scripted and orchestrated orgy of sentimental and emotional political theatre Sonia has unleashed betrays the utter bankruptcy of ideas and ideals in a party, encircled by fawning and ingratiating hyenas panting for morsels of its carcass. This arrogant and worthless Italian Indian dared to warn critics, "Those who want to be with me must do so completely with their minds and hearts; and, those who have even smallest of doubts, must travel separately on their own." Why she should not sound so? After all, his father was working for the Mussolini.
In summary she has no experience or qualifications to aspire for the highest job of a great country of which I am a proud citizen. Only doormats and cronies see any qualities in this mediocre woman who by chance married Rajeev Gandhi.
I have no doubt that the enlightened Indian electorate will give a resounding to Sonia Gandhi and her cronies inspired dynastic politics if they came to know true fact about them.
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Did Sonia Gandhi step down from the race to be Prime Minister because her "inner voice" suddenly told her to do so? Why did this "voice" speak, despite her being elected Congress Parliamentary Party leader and after obtaining letters of support from all allied parties? 1
Apparently, it was not the "inner voice" but certain queries that could have been put to her by the President of India, custodian of the Constitution, which caused her to withdraw her name. 1
Contrary to attempts by Congressmen and Communists to portray her eleventh-hour retreat as a "personal decision" spurred by her children, it could be the clarifications apparently sought by President A P J Abdul Kalam that resulted in the rethink. The President, it is reliably learnt, did not out rightly reject her candidature for the post of the Prime Minister. However, he is believed to have sought certain clarifications on a few points regarding the precise status of her Indian citizenship. 1
That probably explains why Ms Gandhi's decision to opt out came only after she emerged from the Rashtrapati Bhawan after meeting the President on Tuesday at 12.30 pm. 1
That could also explain why she did not allow the entourage of allied parties to accompany her for the meeting, contrary to custom. 1
The President may have conveyed to her that in view of the legal and constitutional queries raised, he would need some more time to examine the matter. Accordingly, there could be no swearing-in on Wednesday, May 19 1
If we want to know the legal question involved in appointment of Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister then we must refer following provision of the citizenship Act 1955.
1. The term "adherence" had to be clarified, 1
2. Section 5: The crux of this provision of "reciprocity" is that a person of foreign origin, who has acquired the citizenship of India through registration by virtue of marrying an Indian national, cannot enjoy more rights (like becoming Prime Minister), if the same opportunity is not available to an Indian-born citizen in that particular country. 1
3. Another petition submitted to the President on Tuesday by Sushma Swaraj pointed out the fact that a Defence or Indian Foreign Service official cannot even marry a foreign national without permission, or must quit his post. How could a person of foreign origin be handed over the nuclear button in such circumstances, Ms Swaraj's petition demanded to know. 1
Fact of the matter is she has played a most treacherous political game and did not sacrifice anything as said and perceived by many. She is most cunning and shrewd and was well aware of her weaknesses and limits to grasp this highest most responsible job of PM. she was fully of the knowledge that if she had gone for this job she would fall-flat in a very short time. She knew that she will not be able to meet the expectations of the people to whom she had made false promises. She knows that she does not qualify for this post. She had fears and she has inferiority complex because she lacks basic qualification, experience and the required standard of integration. She still feels herself half-Indian. She is still not coloured with Indian culture and traditions and deep from her heart she is still a pariah, which makes her uncertain. Assassinations of her mother-in-law and husband are haunting her and is afraid to get involved directly in National affairs. Moreover she did the best bargain to stay behind the scenes and dictate the weakest PM (chosen by her and he feels highly grateful and obligated to listen and do all that what she wants). Here she has long plans to learn political tricks and ability to rule. If the BJP and NDA continue with this querulous attitude Sonia Gandhi will come-up with surprise and will take-over PM job. She is just waiting for that day when NDA will breakaway and BJP will be left alone. Practically no opposition will be her best bet and chance. Through this bargain she has won much more than she could have achieved as PM. Moreover that was the best what she thought for her and her family. It is no sacrifice and those who believe so are the foolest of the fools. Western media and politicians are enjoying with the plight of affairs India is going through and for them it is a sort of mockery, which is a cause of irritation to Indian populace especially the Hindus. Now the western media has given her the status of second most powerful lady on earth. There is comparison of Sonia Gandhi with Condelezzas Rice. Whereas the matter of the fact is that Sonia Gandhi does not qualify to be a Maid in Condelezzas house. Condelezze Rice is of entirely different niveau and is has best qualification and ability to command and control and Sonia a mere nitwit. She is enjoying respect from the poor downtrodden and innocent people of this country and they are plenty in few states in India. These people are most susceptible and easy to manipulate through colourful promises. She has learnt one thing for sure that is art of misusing and exploiting the innocent and their hospitality. She is too fast in establishing her position and she has the right place and right people. These people are interested in money and comfort and are ready to do anything and everything for that even at the cost of Nations honour, dignity and pride. These are insidious parasites of our society and are ready to put the Nation back to colonialism so long they are appointed as governors.
Sonia Gandhi's appointment as prime minister certainly that would have led to a massive agitation, more intense than the Mandal stir.
When Sonia Gandhi along with Dr Singh met the President for the first time, she had been elected leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party and had received the letters of support from her allies. The President was yet to receive letters supporting Dr Singh. Interestingly, the invitation to Dr Singh was framed in Rashtrapati Bhawan on the basis of media reports. Evidently, opinions differed on the candidature of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. The President reportedly went through the certified copy of a legal view in relation to Sonia Gandhi, brought by Subramaniam Swamy. Kalam also received Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharati and Govindacharya.
Events show that Dr Singh was elected leader of the CPP at 7 pm and given the Presidential invitation to form the Government at 8.30 pm.
The other reason may be the intelligence reports that Sonia Gandhi received from national and foreign agencies suggesting polarisation of political forces in the country leading to a dreadful scenario. Maybe, she also came to know about the issue of her foreign origin having been examined by Rashtrapati Bhawan. The opinion tendered by legal luminary Fali Nariman, a Parsi considered close to the Gandhi family, on the very issue could also have influenced Sonia's views.
The Swaraj factor: Did Sonia Gandhi decide to opt out due to Sushma Swaraj's threat to launch agitation to protest a person of foreign origin becoming PM? Probably. She as well as Govindacharya were among the factors. Sushma has known Sonia more closely than others ever since she contested against her in Bellary. Sushma had set up her office in Bellary, a Congress bastion, only 20 days before actual polling and cornered some 3,80,000 votes on the foreign origin plank.
For someone who seemed all set to step into 7, Race Course Road right after the announcement of the election results and admitted as much when she said that “normally the leader of the largest party becomes prime minister,” Sonia’s last minute bowing out is indeed mysterious.
Earlier, Dr. Swamy had filed a case against Sonia, accusing her and her family in Italy of smuggling precious art pieces out of India. The petition was dismissed by the Delhi high court but Swamy still believed he had a case. The moment it became clear to him that Sonia was going to stake her claim to forming the government, Swamy sought an appointment with Kalam and placed his protest on record.
Swamy did not disclose the contents of the documents he took to Kalam but after his meeting with the president earlier this week, he told a television channel that the documents he had submitted to him contained hard evidence which could not be ignored by any objective viewer and that they were highly damaging to Sonia’s prospects as prime minister.
Swamy’s meeting with the president went largely uncovered by the media. The story doing the rounds is that Sonia was shown the documents by Kalam when she met him and that this proved to be the proverbial last straw on the camel’s back.
Sonia was already under attack for perpetuating dynastic rule and even her admirers agree that her only claim to fame, at least until she led her party to victory in this election, was her second name. Besides, the extremist Hindu social and political outfits have carried out an incessant campaign against Sonia for her religion and have openly said that they would not allow a Christian to rule a country where over eighty per cent of the population is Hindu.
The BJP’s threat to boycott her swearing-in as prime minister seems to have had its own psychological impact on Sonia who claims to have joined politics, not for power, but in order to be able to serve the country.
Another reason for Sonia's not getting PM post may be the reaction of Mumbai Stock brokers before whose eyes Rs 2,50,000 Crore melted in four days. As the government formation delayed beyond expectation and the much-awaited common minimum programme of the Congress coalition failed to make an appearance, stock markets heated up. Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) started selling stock in a phased manner.
The Left parties aggravated the situation. Sitaram Yechury and Somnath Chatterjee of the CPI(M), and A.B. Bardhan of the CPI questioned the NDA's disinvestments decisions. Confusion prevailed as the Congress refused to be drawn into the slanging match. "There was a complete lack of clarity on policy, leaders and direction," said Andrew Holland, Executive Vice-president of DSP Merrill Lynch.
The result was disastrous. On Monday, May 17, the BSE his the bottom circuit of 10 percent, twice leading to a halt in trading by three hours. In just under one hour, 15 percent of the index was swept aside. It set a chain reaction; the rupee lost against the dollar and gold and silver were quoted low.
The madness at the bourses had its impact. The Left made amends while 'the original reformer' Manmohan Singh of the Congress pledged to take reforms forward. Even the stoic finance minister Jaswant Singh came out to appeal against "irresponsible" statements. The market slide was arrested, but the sentiment remained depressive. On May 18, heavy purchasing was restored.
Then came the Congress rethinking. A man with commendable reform credentials, Manmohan, was widely touted as the next Prime Minister. The Sensex pulled back 500 points and nearly Rs 76000 Crore in market capitalisation. When Manmohan went to meet President Abdul Kalam, the market was riding high with a gain of 129 points and crossed 5000 points.
Whether it was stock market or normal citizens, it became clear that they would not allow Sonia to be the Prime Minister.
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LARGER-THAN-LIFE images of a coiffure, smiling Benny Hinn, the California-based millionaire televangelist, gaze over traffic snarls and congested city intersections in Bangalore. The hoardings, which made their appearance a month ago, were part of a publicity campaign for a three-day Festival of Blessings addressed by Benny Hinn in Jakkur, Bangalore, between January 21 and 23. The real purpose of the festival was attracting people to Christianity.
Now Catholic Sonia Gandhi is head of Congress party. Every Congress leader is doing his best to fulfil his aspiration. She don't need to express her desire explicitly. Show was attended by an estimated three to four lakh persons, including Karnataka Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh and Several of his Cabinet colleagues, Union Ministers M. V. Rajashekharan and Oscar Fernandes.
The centrepiece of a Benny Hinn biggest draw, were his working of miracles that have supposedly cured thousands of people from life-threatening illnesses. Indeed, for scientists, rationalists and secular groups, the opposition to the Benny Hinn show is based on his false promises of healing.
Benny Hinn certainly have a hidden conversion agenda. The high-cost publicity blitz launched by the Benny Hinn Ministries, and the manner in which it flaunted a guest list that read like a who's who of political India - N. Dharam Singh, Governor T. N. Chaturvedi, several Chief Ministers from other States and Union Ministers, including Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh, to mention a few - was picked up by communal organisations to allege government patronage to Christian organisations that are engaged in covert conversion.
Sections of the legal fraternity and leaders of the Kannada movement, such as M. Chidananda Murthy, have called for the cancellation of the event by the government and the arrest of Benny Hinn for attempted conversion.
Even the Communist Party of India demanded that Hinn's programme be cancelled on the grounds that he would dupe people with promises of miracle healing.
Direct attack was made on Hindu practices by pamphlet written by a member of the Benny Hinn Ministries by equating idolatry with harlotry. Later on when people opposed then it was taken back.
And if any one want to know kind of preparation was made for his programme than he should refer to the affidavit filed in the High Court, by S. Mariswamy, City Police Commissioner, who had said that 10,000 policemen would be deployed on those days. This figure included two companies of the Rapid Action Force, 40 platoons of the Karnataka State Reserve Police, 1,200 officers from outside Bangalore city limits, 40 platoons of the City Armed Reserve Police and the entire Police Force of Bangalore City. There will also be 2,000 officers and men of the traffic police to manage traffic exclusively for the event.
The entourage that has flown into the city in Benny Hinn's private multi-million dollar jet was staying at the posh Leela Hotel. The venue was the State government's Jakkur Airfield Training Ground. Seventy-two screens (24 ft by 12 ft) and two mega screens twice that size had been erected. Three lakh chairs had been arranged for the audience, and areas prepared for floor seating.
Let us also discuss after who is this Benny Hinn. Benny Hinn is a controversial figure in the West, and his critics come from within the categories of believers and rationalists. There are many who have differences with him over doctrinal interpretations - his claims of curing the sick, for example. The Trinity Foundation, a Christian watchdog group that monitors the working of televangelist ministries, is one of the many Christian organisations highly sceptical of his work and claims.
Born in Jeruselum and raised in Canada, Hinn became a preacher early in life. He practises what is called the Prosperity Gospel or the Word of Faith, which believes that faith is what propels an individual to health, wealth and other personal success. To become a follower the individual must "sow a seed of faith", or make a cash donation to the organisation. Although the Benny Hinn Ministries is not legally obliged to make public its finances, the revenues are believed to be in the region of $100 million a year.
Two notable media exposes of the Benny Hinn establishment, the first by NBC's Dateline programme in December 2002, and the other by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in November 2004, have shown Benny Hinn's claims of curing the sick and terminally ill to be false. The programmes also investigated the finances of the organisations and provided revealing information on his personal financial profligacy.
Even when all these details about Benny Hinn was known to our authorities they eagerly arranged for his show in Bangalore.
In Bangalore, an organiser from the Festival of Blessings falsely claimed that a panel of eight reputed city doctors would verify each case of an individual being cured of an illness. But as it was bound to happen this promise was soon retracted. There would be no medical verification, he said. Instead, the individual would be asked to sign an affidavit stating that he or she was free of an illness, after being miraculously healed by God through the intercession of Benny Hinn! 6
"Any religious preacher who makes use of hunger, illiteracy, the lack of medical facilities, or ignorance, as a means to influence people, is violating the fundamental principles inherent in the freedom of religion and conversion," Sanal Edamaruku of Rationalists International told Frontline. "Benny Hinn makes fake claims. People have been known to be taken from hospitals to his healing services. They have later died. Some people may survive after his `cure' for some time, but they too die later. With techniques of mass hypnosis, psychosomatic illnesses can certainly be cured by these people, but more effectively by psychiatrists". 6
The difference between a village quack and Hinn, says Edamaruku, is the latter's use of a "modern communication system and money". According to him, in a country like India, where medical and scientific illiteracy is rampant, costs of medical care for serious illnesses like cancer are high, and medical insurance coverage is inadequate, the "crime" of promising cures is doubly compounded. 6
In the absence, however, of genuine opposition to the Festival of Blessings, that targets unreason and blind faith, the promise of miracle cures had remained the big draw of the event. 6
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In 1999, Sonia Gandhi visited the famed Hindu shrine at Tirupati amid a blaze of publicity. There is nothing wrong with any politician choosing to do so. But many people thought it offensive that she, a practicing Catholic, would enter a place that is, strictly speaking, forbidden to non-Hindus. 5
Worse, when one of the priests chose to ask her about this -- as he was legally entitled to do -- he was brushed aside by Rajasekhara Reddy, the prospective Congress chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in the election that was coming up. (As everybody in Andhra Pradesh knows, Reddy too is a Christian despite the name.) 5
This led to a flurry of debate, not least on the Internet. Many people were offended by Reddy's reputed assertion that nobody could question her credentials, as Sonia Gandhi was a member of the Nehru-Gandhi clan. If this was a true report, I am intrigued to note that Reddy was implicitly associating 'Hindu' with 'Indian!' 5
This, I suppose, is an exercise in 'secularism'. And so it is, come to think of it, in the proper sense of the word, 'secular' means worldly, something or someone removed from the purely spiritual. Sonia Gandhi's reasons -- by implication those of the Congress -- are purely worldly. She is doing precisely what she accuses the Bharatiya Janata Party of doing -- mixing religion with politics. May I note in passing that the 'secular' media has been unusually quiet on this aspect? 5
Of course, I can understand why people in general visit Prayag in such numbers. This is a special occasion, a Kumbh Mela that began with a lunar eclipse. Such an event shall not take place again for 144 years. And in the wake of the pilgrim, the researcher and the reporter are bound to follow. (I wish that the latter two weren't quite so keen to sensationalise, but that is another story.) I cannot, however, remember Sonia Gandhi displaying any interest in Hinduism, in scholarship in general, or in journalism. 5
What the Congress president has done is a complete fraud from beginning to end. It is a cheap attempt to win votes. Yet it is, of course, all in the finest traditions of the Congress. When V P Singh stood from Allahabad as the joint nominee of the Opposition, the Rajiv Gandhi administration brought the troupe of Ramanand Sagar's television serial Ramayana to campaign. 5
The late prime minister Mr Rajiv Gandhi himself inaugurated his election schedule from Ayodhya in 1989, with a promise of 'Ram Rajya'. The media would have lambasted the Bharatiya Janata Party had one of its leaders tried these tactics. Rajiv Gandhi and his Italian wife are luckier. 5
Truth be told, I am more than little sceptical not just about Sonia Gandhi's interest in the Kumbh Mela, but her professed love for India itself. I recall that some television reporter asked Priyanka Vadra why her mother had taken so long to adopt Indian citizenship. The princess of 10, Janpath replied that it was only natural if someone took five or six years to make such an important decision. 5
This was a misleading response. Sonia Gandhi didn't take five years, but closer to fifteen. There is plenty of evidence that in her early years in Delhi, Sonia Gandhi had more European friends than Indian. (This list included Ottavio Quattrocchi and his wife, and Satish Sharma's Dutch bride.) 5
But forget all that, the Congress boss's attempt to curry favour by visiting Prayag isn't just 'secular,' remember it is the single greatest gathering of humanity in one place at one time. The local administration is under immense pressure to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The biggest rush is expected to take place on January 24 -- the day of Mauni Amavaasya. And now here was Sonia Gandhi throwing careful plans into disarray just two days before that! 5
The Congress president is entitled to Special Protection Group guards. As irritated Delhiites shall attest, this level of protection means inconvenience to everybody else, with the roads being cleared for the lady. Going to Prayag was nothing more than a way to irritate the genuine pilgrims. In effect, they were being asked to keep away from the sacred waters so that a silly politician could hog the cameras! 5
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