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Sonia had to become an Indian citizen under compulsions. We know the subsequent. We also know that Sonia was instrumental in the Pope's arrival in India. When Rajive decided to enter into Indian politics, they started visiting Hindu temple with vermilion-smeared foreheads, in saris and dhoties. She gave up her western dress like miniskirt, which earlier she was fond of wearing.
Many of the political leaders in India who are known to be habitual players of negative politics hardly showed any interest when Sonia Gandhi entered into the Nehru-Gandhi family as a daughter-in-law of foreign origin by marrying Rajeev Gandhi in 1968. They started keeping track record of her activities only when Rajeev Gandhi was groomed by his mother Indira Gandhi as crown prince after the death of Sanjay Gandhi. The Italian connection of Rajeev Gandhi however came to lime light in Bofors scandal, which played a decisive role in the defeat of his Government in 1989. After the assassination of Rajeev Gandhi, the status of Sonia was like a royal mother who had an important say in the internal affairs of the Congress Party.
It was post-Rajiv period, this young woman went to Japan, where she lectured that in the matter of divinity both Gandhi and Nehru were of the same level as the Lord Gautama Buddha. At one stroke, the entire Japanese nation was red in anger. And this is the person who in her big expensive book on the late Rajiv, prepared by a hack-writer under the guidance of Sonia, had stated that her knowledge of India was very limited when she first met Rajiv at that Italian eatery in the back streets of Cambridge. Then she knew India to be only a land of snakes and tigers. She had never heard of Gautama Buddha or of Hinduism or even of Islam. 1
People started taking interest in Sonia Gandhi since 1998 when she took over the president ship of the Congress. The Party subsequently won assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan. Gauging the potential of the lady, the RSS and its constituents coined the slogan–“Ram Rajya vs. Rome Rajya” and initiated a debate on her foreign origin as well as the desirability of a foreign born Indian citizen of holding the executive post in the country.
It was not the first time that the Indian National Congress is headed by a foreign national. The Congress was founded by a British national, Allan Octavian Hume, followed by an Irish theosophist, Ms Annie Besant as its president. The fact is that Congress was formed by Mr. Hume as safety valve to defuse the uprising of Indian Nationalism. When the freedom movement gained momentum, the process of Indianisation of the Congress party began particularly after the entry of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi. Thus comparison of Sonia Gandhi with Mr. Hume or Annie Besant may not be relevant.
The RSS and its political front, the Bhartiya Jan Sangh and now Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) do not consider Sonia Gandhi ethnically Indian as she does not fit into the frame of their definition of patriotism and nationalism. The foundation of the ideological philosophy of the BJP is the cultural and traditional heritage of India. According to “Sangh Parivar” Sonia Gandhi cannot inspire this philosophy.
When Sonia Gandhi, as president of the Congress Party played an active role in the fall of Vajpayee Government even though she had no chance of forming an alternative Government, the entire Sangh Parivar smelt a conspiracy against a “nationalist Government”. They initiated a debate questioning the desirability of an Italian born Indian citizen to hold the post of the Prime minister. “Organiser”, the RSS weekly in its June 6, 1999 took up the issue publicly with an article entitled “Evangelisation-2000 & India”. Sohail Siddiqui, Chief editor of the Urdu weekly Hamara Qadam of New Delhi gave a new name to Sonia Gandhi-“Sonia-de-Gama.” The article projected that while Vasco-de-Gama’s landing in Indian soil was a precursor of European dominance in India, the entry of “Sonia-de-Gama” in Indian politics…was a conspiracy to destabilise the 13-month old nationalist Government. “At the instance of her foreign friends who hardly need to be identified, she delivered this blow to India when the 12th Lok Sabha was dissolved.” Highlighting Sonia's love for Italy the article said, “Again when it came to marrying her daughter, she cleverly chose to have an alliance with the son of her Italian friend.” Few in this country know that Robert Vadra’s (Vadera) mother is an Italian national married to an Indian, Eric Vadra. The Italian mother-in-law of Smt. Priyanka Vadra had almost discarded her Pakistan born Indian husband Eric Vadra as Firoz was discarded by Indira Gandhi after birth of Rajeev Gandhi. It is also a fact that very few people know that Firoz was a Muslim and was planning for second marriage. His death is also a mystery. It is also a mystery that once he was Muslim, His father was Muslim, his mother was Hindu (though it is said that she also converted to Muslim before getting married with him), how Rajeev became Parsi. Rajeev’s Grand Father was a liquor Merchant form Junagarh area of Gujarat. (I don’t want to go into there history at least in this book).
S. Gurumurthy, a known BJP ideologue and convenor of “Swadeshi Jagaran Manch “ in his article (BJP TODAY-May 15, 99) hit out against Sonia Gandhi—“ All that the nation has told Sonia in silent mode is: - Madam, it is India now, not East India any more…. The conviction that Sonia as Prime Minister of India will be a national shame cut across all political parties including the Congress.”
Thus, with the help of party organs and supporting journalists, the RSS and its constituents brought the debate to a very high pitch and attracted the participation of a wide range of political leaders, including some of the former Prime ministers, journalists, academicians and retired bureaucrats. Former Prime Ministers VP Singh and Chandrashekhar, political leaders like Mulayam Singh and others who hardly subscribe to the RSS point of view including ex-Foreign Secretary, JN Dixit expressed their opinion disfavouring Sonia Gandhi to hold the post of Prime Minister.
The view of RSS found echoes in Congress I too. Three Central Working Committee members of the Congress party-Sharad Pawar, Purno A. Sangma and Tarique Anwar challenged the leadership of Sonia Gandhi on grounds of her “foreign origin.” In their letter they said -“the issue affects not just the security, economic interest and international image of India but hits at the core pride of every Indian. The Congress manifesto should suggest an amendment to the constitution of India, to the effect that the offices of the President, Vice-President and the Prime minister can only be held by natural born Indian citizens. We would also request that you, as Congress president, propose this amendment. This will be in line with your consistent stand that your sole concern in entering public life was to revive and rejuvenate the party.” The debate took its first toll with a split in the Congress Party. (The calculated step of this trio led their ouster from Congress Party. What was drama behind the scene is discussed in later part of this book)
One thing I am sure that most of the politician who are there in the politics does claim that they are there for betterment of nation and party. Unfortunately trio took claim of Sonia on the point seriously and wrote the emotional letter, which resulted in their near political death.
Some of the CPM leadership while supporting the desirability of Sonia Gandhi to hold the high offices in the country said, “If Ms. Gandhi is a foreigner, then so LK Advani and Jyoti Basu." The Marxists were countered by Narendra Modi, General Secretary of the BJP and Arun Jaitley, member, BJP Election Management Committee through a press statement (May 18, 99) – “The Marxists are either ignorant of or mischievously ignoring Article 6 of the constitution of India. The article states, “A Person who has migrated to the territory of India from the country now included in Pakistan shall be deemed to be a citizen of India at the commencement of this constitution.”
Sonia Gandhi on the other hand never wanted to become an Indian even after her marriage. She remained a foreigner for 15 years after she entered the household of the Nehru’s. This lady got married to Rajeev Gandhi in the year 1968. She did not think of becoming an Indian citizen then, but chose to remain an Italian in India.Now she has become a past mistress in chicanery, Sicilian style. Christian Bhil boys rape Christian Bhil women and Hindu boys get the blame for having raped Christian nuns. The false news is broadcast all over the Christian world and our intellectuals cannot even protest. In faltering Hindi she reads to Hindu listeners that 'the soil of India is as pure to her as the vermilion of her forehead'; that 'she would like to breathe her last only in this land of virtue' and so on and then abruptly turns round, and like an ill-bred street women starts calling respectable Indian leaders like Vajpayee, 'a liar' and 'gaddar'.

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