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Shri B. Shreeprakash carried out Study on missionary work. Whole evidences were collected from missionary reports itself. He wrote nearly 500 letters to these evangelical groups and nearly the same numbers of replies were received. Bibles, New Testaments, books, booklets and pamphlets flowed in and all of them were free of cost. 30 Bibles(with old and new testaments), 20 New Testaments, 40 books, 100 booklets and plenty of pamphlets were received by post. He even received a Free Bible, which was sent to him with Registered Post with postage of Rs72/-. In the bible collection, an English bible signed by Gladdys June Staines. Remains significant. He wondered why these peoples show so much interest for these activities, and how much money spent for him. 3
The lesson plans echoes a high sense of modern educational psychology behind them. They give a comprehensive outlook of Christian Theology. The evaluated answer paper and the score sheet reaches the student very promptly even from abroad. Clarifications for our doubts touch our heart more than our brain. The recurring question use to be, "Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour?”- Each and every module of these Bible courses concludes with this question. If our answer is ‘yes’, a chasing will start until the prey is trapped. 3
Mission field news, messages from heads of churches, request for prayers and funds, evaluation of current situation faced by evangelists, detailed reports on missionary activities in each states and centres. Bible quiz, reports on healing and other miracles done by missionaries etc. fill the pages. Reports revealing the conversions serve as solid proofs, even though exaggeration and under-estimation can be seen here and there. They reveal the systematic work and the close monitoring they do in the name of evangelisation. 3
The policies betray the policy-makers. The so-called secularists, politicians, intellectuals and cultural giants accidentally or deliberately ignore these policies. They often project their own secular ideas as the policy of Christian Missionaries. For example, when there policy clearly states that, “we view evangelism with Conversion as a goal and we want to see people leave their former faiths, whether they are secular or religious faiths, and follow Christ as their only lord”, our secularists hail the missionaries as apostles of secularism. 3
The actual figures of foreign contributions can never be traced out precisely. Whatever studies conducted and whatever facts reveal, are turned down by our ‘secular’ media and our pseudo-cultural giants and misinterpreted before the public as ‘Indian Hindu Fundamentalism ’ and atrocities against minority communities. 3
The world renowned BBC had serialized a vivid and clear picture of the global Missionary activities, in the late eighties of the 20th century itself. When the BBC had serialized through the television, was published as a book named “MISSIONARIES” by BBC Books, a division of BBC, books, in 1990. This book researched and documented by Julian Pettifer and Richard Bradley, reveals the insuperable and inhuman methods adopted by missionaries of expanding the boundaries of Christendom, yet inconceivable for Indian intelligentsia. It clearly shows us how much securely and compassionate these missionaries are. This book is the one of the strong evidence of the cancerous and monstrous face of Christian missionaries, who have invaded and conquered nearly the whole of the world and it gives a deathblow to the arguments of the missionaries that they are the sole agents of love, charity, compassion and even modern civilization. This very book is more than enough for revealing the hypocrisy of the secular missionaries. Have our secular media and secular cultural giants seen this book or they pretended not to have seen? 3
To get rid of threat Hinduism is facing from these evangelist a collective intellectual work should be initiated. Creative solutions should be elucidated from such works. Data from missionary reports should be documented yearly. The work must be centralized. Arrangements should be made to reveal the facts to the public. The social backwardness in some of the sectors of Hindu society should not be overloaded. Now our strategy on conversions is antagonistic. The correct antidote should be applied considering each situation. Aggression always (even though they are highlighted) may not prove fruitful. 3Conclusively it can be said that a socially organized Hindu society with sound cultural awareness is the ultimate solution. First, we must know ‘Swadharma’ ,then only we can sense the merits an demerits of ‘paradharma’. Cherish in our hearts, the lines from Gita, “Death in one’s own Dharma is nobler then accepting Paradharma“. Only by practicing it in our life, we can be true to ourselves and true to our great tradition. 3
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