Friday, April 3, 2009


During emergency at mass level atrocities were committed against those who were not respecting the dictation of Indira Gandhi. What happened to Indira Gandhi we all know after the election of 1977. She along with her party lost election. But I am not writing this book on Indira Gandhi. I am writing this book on Sonia, accordingly my interest was in what Sonia was doing at that movement. Sonia was also aware of the atrocities, which was committed by Indira Gandhi at the time of emergency. After news came in that the Congress and Indira Gandhi had been defeated in 1977, her bloods started saying that she was Italian till her last breath. India is not her motherland it is Italy, which is her motherland. She was planning to get out of India and anyhow reach to Italy. She was aware that opposition party might take revenge of atrocities, which were committed over them at the time of emergency - they all will be put in jail in the manner in which Indira put them under MISA. Her brave husband who had already proved his mental capacity by failing thrice at Cambridge was also dependent on her semi-literate wife. Both of them wanted to run to Italy but thought it would not be easy for them. At that movement an idea came in Sonia's mind, she was aware that under International law she couldn't be arrested from Italian Embassy. Immediately Sonia Gandhi packed an overnighter and, with her brave husband and children in tow, took refuge in the Italian embassy in New Delhi's Chanakyapuri. It took the combined efforts of Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi and the other 'bahu' of the household, Maneka Gandhi nee Anand, to convince her to return to the Gandhi home. At that time her blood was saying that she is an Italian till her last breath.
Indeed, two incidents during these 10 years one of running to Italy at the time of 1971 war and another at taking asylum at Italian Embassy after defeat of Indira Gandhi in 1977 clearly suggest that it was a considered decision of Sonia not to repudiate her Italian citizenship. In fact she wanted to hang on her Italian allegiance. 2How heart of Sonia changed? Did she got enlightenment under wisdom tree which resulted in her acquiring Indian citizen. We will come to this point but first let us see how she started her political life.
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