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After reading this book one would came to conclusion that why I am against Sonia. I want to clarify that I am not against Sonia per se; I am against her because I am not able to understand how she can change his loyalty merely because she has been issued with citizenship certificate of this country.
Suppose I go to some other country and due to slackly codified rule of that country I get a chance to get elected to political post. For that law will demand me to declare that I am loyal to that country. I am sure just for the sake of occupying high political post I may take oath and say that I am loyal to that country. But real question will be, Can it change my heart? I think not because my heart will only sing 'Saare Jahan se Acchha Hindustan Hamara.'
Changing loyalty to some other nation is just like changing mother. And we all know that no one can change his mother though some one may falsely claim so. I want to know from Sonia - Is she trying to deceit us by showing herself patriotic Indian? I think as many as dialogue I came across in Hindi movies to express patriotism, all most all has been read by Sonia Gandhi from different stages.
And what is guarantee as she changed her loyalty from Italy to India, she will not change her loyalty from India to some other country viz. Vatican. After all her allegiance to Vatican is already established her being a catholic Christian.
What is said in Sanskrit, “Janani janma Bhumischa swargadapi gariyase” That means mother and motherland is higher than heaven. And it is part of our culture. Does Sonia did not love her motherland more than heaven. If she say, No, she does not love her motherland more than heaven then at least we the people of India are not going to allow her to become Prime Minister of India, and If the is yes then she should explain what she is doing in India? Is she serving interest of Italy and Vatican? But Sonia claims to have changed her loyalty from Italian to Indian. If today she has changed her loyalty from Italy to India tomorrow she may change her loyalty to America if she is allowed to hold post of American President because it is more lucrative.
Most of the time and most of the things she refers in speech is use to be dialogue from B-grade Hindi Movie. If not then definitely it sounds like dialogue from Hindi Movie. If a person will give second thought to what she says in her speech, he will came to know that what ever she says are normally not spoken in our real life. It is only found in B-grade Hindi movies. But there are so many Hindi movies normally we come across a dialogue, which says if you can change your loyalty from your old master to us then definitely you can change loyalty from us also. Why in Hindi movie a hero enters to the territory of other country? It is either to spy or to make destruction in that country. According to those stories what Sonia is doing in India? Is she spying or she is here in some other mission.
We need to be very conscious and alert. It is not only for me it is for every one. Mainly for the leaders of the congress party. Better have some belief on your self. In more than four and half decade congress has performed in most corrupted manner.
A Prime Minister who is foisted on the Nation by the accident of birth or marriage is likely to surround herself with coterie of self-serving advisors and ruin the country. Even some persons from Vatican may surround her after she becomes Prime Minister. We have the example of Sanjay Gandhi (de facto PM of mid seventies) and Rajeev Gandhi who squandered a massive sympathy mandate because of indecisiveness even in choosing and retaining his coterie. Thousands of patriotic Sikhs were killed as soon as he became Prime Minister. In place of taking concrete step to stop killing of innocent people he tried to justify it by saying when a big tree falls earth is bound to shake or words to that effect. He kneed before threat of fundamentalist Muslims and Hazee Mastan and reverted the historical decision of Supreme Court in Sahabano case. When he met American President first time he requested the President of USA to release Adil Khan who was going under punishment of 35 years for felony. In Bofors Scandal his role is not secret for the people.
Democracy needs leaders who come up from the ranks and not foisted on. Her foreigner tab does hurt my Indian Ego. A foreigner pitch forked to be our ruler not because of her work among the masses but only because she married an erstwhile Prince of Indian Politics, betrays our inability to develop a National leadership. Prime-Minister ship of India should not be accessible to anyone, even to Indians, by climbing a one-step political ladder.
Sonia Gandhi wants us to believe that because her grandfather-in-law, her mother-in-law and her husband were all prime ministers of India, she too has the divine right to that position.
And if someone is interested to know about Sonia's political interest, read columnist Tavleen Singh's recently published book entitled Lollipop Street she has given a very clear picture of her. In the years that she claims to have known Sonia Gandhi rather well, the author writes 'with Sonia all conversations were inclined to be about trivia. Other people, clothes, holidays, children. When it came to politics, she was completely contemptuous of anything to do with the subject... her only contribution to political comment usually was to talk about some leader whom she disliked. She knew nothing about the issues fundamental to politics in India; nor did she make any effort to learn them. Her social awareness did not extend beyond the drawing rooms of Delhi till Rajeev Gandhi was killed.' And here's Tavleen Singh's knockout punch: 'I knew that she had never shown any inclination to do anything that would bind her to India in any way.' And to think that this is the person whom the Congress is thrusting on the nation as their one and only leader.
Congress, the fearless political machine of irrepressible dreamers who spearheaded India’s freedom struggle against the world’s greatest colonial power, stands reduced to a motley cheering squad for the scion of a fledgling political dynasty.
The issue for a citizen like me is Sonia Gandhi’s citizenship, nationality and patriotism. It is the unanswered questions regarding her compliance with Indian citizenship laws in using an Italian passport on overseas trips and fleeing to Italy during the Indo-Pak War of 1971 and allegedly seeking shelter in the Italian Embassy following Indira Gandhi’s arrest and holding the share of Maruti by violating Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and getting her name on voting list without being citizen of this country and acquiring the property of AICC office and converting it to building of Rajeev Gandhi Foundation and criminally converting the property of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts to her personal use. This all the questions she is suppose to reply before she wants to head the Indian Government.
Indian citizens must have seen how the people of Congress Party reacting when any member of Parliament starts speaking about Sonia Gandhi. Why? Is it only because some truth will come to the knowledge of Indian masses about their sole leader? I know very little about her. She has been living in some western countries. We know what is western culture. She is taking oath in public that she is real Indian (mere khoon ka katra kahta hai ki yeh mera vatan hai yeh mera vatan hai). She may not be knowing properly what does these words means. And if she knows the meaning then why does she choose son of an Italian Christian lady to marry her daughter. There is only one reply do not make personal attack. Why? Why we should not make personal attack? Some one whose background is not known. Who has been lying on record to the nation whether it is about her name or about her qualification? And if anyone wants to raise these questions all Congress MP’s create rowdies in the parliament. The election commissioner advises the party not to make personal attack. This country is not personal property of Nehru Gandhi Dynasty. If some people say so they are mentally bankrupt. They need help of psychiatrist. She is providing false information about her past. She doesn't want to discuss what she was doing in Cambridge.
Though people in India are not so literate but they do understand what is truth. Unfortunately the Congress party has not allowed to let the people know what is truth. The congress party has developed a system where even normal citizen has become corrupt. Citizens don't find anything wrong in paying bribe and getting his/her job done. The clerks and the government officers feel that taking bribe is their fundamental right. We need to get rid of this system.
It is also a issue that what her contribution has been in the 15 years as an Indian citizen or the 30 years that she has lived in India. The calculation with which Sonia has nurtured her ambitions and the political farce to which she has reduced the idealistic vision of Mahatma Gandhi to be blood curdling, especially when she so hypocritically invokes his name.
When Indira was chosen Congress President, Nehru was not happy. For all her faults, Indira Gandhi had earned her spurs and had on her own merit even been inducted into Shastri’s cabinet as a relatively junior minister. It was Indira who shamelessly transformed this party of doyens into a caucus of midgets, then reduced it to a family business, even thrusting first a semi-illiterate and unemployable son Sanjay and then a reluctant college drop-out Rajeev on to the national stage. The calculated evisceration of Indian democratic institutions was complete under Rajeev; Sonia is but the latest nail in its putrid coffin. It was the futile hope of liberal democrats that the country was at long last rid of the unending menace of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty following Rajiv’s death that makes Sonia’s resurgence so particularly galling.
And what has Sonia done to deserve the honour of becoming India’s prime minister? By her own accounts she has been a loving wife, a nurturing mother and a respectful daughter-in-law. Nehru deemed his daughter worthy enough to encourage within the party and even Indira Gandhi in her lifetime inflicted her sons on the country. But neither she, nor indeed Sonia’s husband, whose names she vainly invokes, dreamt of bringing her even into the party. Indeed, she did not acquire primary member of the Congress Party until August 1997, years after her husband’s death.
So she dredged out their memories, for she has none of her own, for the collective catharsis that was the AICC session. As her maudlin speech demonstrated, her vision of India does not even extend to Nehru; it begins with Indira Gandhi and is lifted in full Technicolor from B-grade Hindi movies: Main suhagin yahin bani. Maa yahin bani. Main vidhwa aapki aankhon ke saamne hui. Is desh ki sabse mahaan putri Indiraji ne apni saansa meri bahon mein tori. Mere khoon ki ek ek boond kahti hain ki yeh mera vatan hair, yeh mera vatan hai. (I became a bride here; I became a mother here; I became a widow before your very eyes. This country’s greatest daughter Indiraji took her last breath in my arms. Every single drop of my blood cries, this is my country. This is my country). The farcical, scripted and orchestrated orgy of sentimental and emotional political theatre Sonia has unleashed betrays the utter bankruptcy of ideas and ideals in a party, encircled by fawning and ingratiating hyenas panting for morsels of its carcass. This arrogant and worthless Italian Indian dared to warn critics, "Those who want to be with me must do so completely with their minds and hearts; and, those who have even smallest of doubts, must travel separately on their own." Why she should not sound so? After all, his father was working for the Mussolini.
In summary she has no experience or qualifications to aspire for the highest job of a great country of which I am a proud citizen. Only doormats and cronies see any qualities in this mediocre woman who by chance married Rajeev Gandhi.
I have no doubt that the enlightened Indian electorate will give a resounding to Sonia Gandhi and her cronies inspired dynastic politics if they came to know true fact about them.
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  1. I-agree--sir,but--what--can--we--do--as--an-individual

  2. we can do every thing a piece of paper,a true writing makes the world revolution, we have to wait and watch every thing and when the time come we have to tell the truth only...

  3. I am amazed by reading your chequered life. I will only enjoy certain similarities with you, starting with startling fact that at the age of 18 I too joined Indian Air Force in the Trade WOM-II and served it for about 18 years and retired in 1987. You are a great fighter. You completed LL.B. in 2001, when people normally forget about furthering education. Joined High Court Jabalpur. But why did you become contract teacher in 2003? You tried your luck with politics, well. Contested election for MLA from Seoni Constituency. Seems your political luck did not click. And then you tried many things. Presently you are senior auditor of Govt of U.P. You have two buses. I wish two becomes 20, if not more, like the BJP which rose to 85 from 2. Very good that you wish to bring change in the Indian system and you believe that root cause of all the ills of our society is our system. Until we change our system we cannot solve our problem. Political reform can be brought by the government, for that we need a government with clear-cut programme. For that people movement is required. Until majority of people are convinced about the reform, change cannot be brought in is all about your thought for this wretched nation. Thanking you, Gokul.