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"The day I entered Indiraji's household I became an Indian, the rest is just technical" that is Sonia Gandhi's latest explanation for not having acquired Indian citizenship till fourteen years after her marriage to Rajeev Gandhi.
Her maudlin speech at the AICC session demonstrated, her vision of India does not even extend to Nehru; it begins with Indira Gandhi and is lifted in full Technicolor from B-grade Hindi movies: Main suhagin yahin bani. Maa yahin bani. Main vidhwa aapki aankhon ke saamne hui. Is desh ki sabse mahaan putri Indiraji ne apni saansa meri bahon mein tori. Mere khoon ki ek ek boond kahti hain ki yeh mera vatan hair, yeh mera vatan hai. (I became a bride here; I became a mother here; I became a widow before your very eyes. This country’s greatest daughter Indiraji took her last breath in my arms. Every single drop of my blood cries, this is my country. This is my country).
Addressing a rally during the general election of 1998, Sonia Gandhi had said, "I am an Indian till my last breath."
"After my husband's death, I suffered in silence as canards were spread. Now I won't keep quiet." 1
"When I first came to Delhi in 1968, my father had given me a return ticket. But Delhi was the place of my second birth and the ticket, like my past, was lost in the mists of time." 2
"A month before he was assassinated, my husband said to me if an attempt was made to touch Babri Masjid, he would stand in front of it and they would have to kill him first." 3
"UP has been the karmabhoomi of my husband. He has been snatched away from me but nobody can snatch away his dream of a resurgent Bharat." 4
"While five Congress PMs ruled the country for 45 years, other parties had to find seven in just five years and 10 months." 5
"Those associated with the Mahatma's assassins are misleading voters. Those responsible for pulling down the disputed structure at Ayodhya will not be tolerated." 4
A noble thought, indeed. But the mere expression of that thought does not erase uncomfortable facts, which must now necessarily be resurrected because she is no longer a private person beyond public scrutiny. The uncomfortable questions that arise from these facts need to be dealt with.
Sonia Gandhi felt the need to proclaim that she is an Indian till her last breath only after she entered the political arena and needed to establish her credentials with the unwashed, but fiercely patriotic, masses of India. What she did not tell them was that she had retained her Italian citizenship, not feeling the need to accept Indian citizenship, till 1983. Why she does not inform that she only became Indian citizen when a case was filed in court asking foreigner lady to vacate the house of Prime Minister? Now she feel that acquiring the post of Prime Minister is birth right of Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty. Unfortunately there are lot many people in this country who also subscribe to the view that post of PM should go to a person from Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. When a person come to know that she is a foreigner lady, she is blamed for lot many serious allegations, then they say let us try Priyanka. This is the most unfortunate part of our democracy. The leaders should be based not on his paternal or maternal family background but according to work he has done on the ground for the people.
A lady who was feeling ashamed to acquire Indian citizenship now proclaims that she is an Indian till her last breath. If a foreigner lady today making such claims and has been deceiving us, than only we are responsible for it. The system of this country is responsible which has not allowed every citizen to get education. If the people of India would have nationalistic view there would not have been these kind of problems. We find most of the person assemble to listen Sonia Gandhi has nothing to do with what she is saying. There main duty is to chant at a regular interval of one to two minutes with loud voice, "Sonia Gandhi Zindabad". Most of us try to show so much respect, which we have not even shown to our parents. There are the youth who never touch feet of their parents but if get a chance to touch the feet of Catholic Sonia Maino than find it the most fortunate thing of their life. Only this kind of mentality carrying us to the slavery. After 55 years of independent, we are still mentally slave. To an extent only we are responsible for it. We have not been able to recognise the power we have in a democracy. After 55 year of independence we are still looking for someone from Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty to come forward for our emancipation. Our this kind of mentality is allowing the politician to take benefit and rule over us like Maharaja and it will continue till we do not recognise our power.
Rajeev Gandhi married Sonia Maino in 1968. Under India's citizenship law (not framed by Hindu fundamentalist or communists but Congress secularists in the 1950s), she was entitled to seek Indian citizenship five years after her marriage, which is in 1973. But she chose not to register as an Indian citizen for the next 10 years.
That could not have been a casual oversight. Indeed, two incidents during these 10 years one of flying to Italy at the time of 1971 war and another of taking asylum at Italian Embassy at Chanakyapuri at New Delhi after 1977 loss by Congress clearly suggest that it was a considered decision not to repudiate her Italian citizenship.
Death of her husband has paved the way for her to become Prime Minister of this country. She wants to take benefit of his death. She wants to prove that people of India can choose a semiliterate lady like her Prime Minister. Just to emotionally blackmail the people she is saying that she is Indian till her last breath. Obviously the people of India are fond of B-grade Hindi movie. They like these kind of dialogue. That is why they are eager to vote for Sonia against her filmy dialogue.
It is also a fact that now she has been given licence first by Indian Constitution and secondly by Indian National Congress to read all kind of papers which Congress party is giving her to read as reader (not leader). Though some time she may read Hindutwa as Indutwa. But I don't find any mistake by her. It is mistake of English. In English 'H' use to be silence if it is coming before 'I'. But by Silencing 'H' of Hindutwa she is not only silencing the Hindutwa culture of India but also trying to silence Hindustan.
Now she is trying to explain that she lost her ticket for going back to Italy in the course of time. But what she did not forget was getting his extension for stay in India as an Italian citizen after every five year until she was thrust to acquire Indian citizenship in 1983. But she can say any thing to our illiterate masses to fool them and to convince them that she is real patriotic lady, even more than any one else.
And why there has been 7 Prime Ministers in 5 years and 10 months. It was only because Congress supported most of the government, which could not complete its full term.
Madam should be aware of the fact that people of UP have rejected Congress party entirely. A few seats, which they had been winning, have only become possible because people are not aware of History of Nehru Gandhi properly. The day all the facts are brought before them. It would be difficult for Congress party to win even a single seat at least from Uttar Pradesh.
Now to emotionally blackmail the Muslims of India she is saying that a month before Rajeev was assassinated, he said to Sonia that if an attempt was made to touch Babri Masjid, he would stand in front of it and they would have to kill him first. I thing enough has been said above about how Sonia is easy with falsehood. Even if we presume that he said this than also it is debatable. First of all she should know that it was her brave husband who started ‘Ramlala Poojan’. In fact this dialogue also sounds like any other dialogue of B-grade Hindi movies. Unfortunately most of Indian Population get charged by such dialogue in Hindi Movie. Mahatma Gandhi used similar dialogue with regard to partition of India. But what happen when India was partitioned. But one thing was possible for her to do; it was she would have jumped before Babri Masjid to save it. After all if she wants to prove herself real Indian then it is a very small thing. Indian women have sacrificed their life for their husband. Why does Rajeev choose to announce this important decision in his bedroom? Napoleon once said, "Woman is the occupation of the idle mind, and the relaxation of the warrior." The fact of the matter is that such announcements are not made in bedroom. Are we not aware about braveness shown by Rajeev Gandhi? Does we not know that at the time of 1971 war he ran to Italy to avoid any eventuality at the time of war? Are we not aware that he along with his Italian wife took refuge in Italian Embassy in 1977 and hided himself like rat? We only know one example Sonia can give in support of braveness of Rajeev Gandhi, where he has at least tried to prove that he was brave. After death of his younger brother he asked Security Officer NK Singh to through widow of his younger brother (Mrs Maneka Gandhi) out of PM house. Though Security Officer refused to obey it and demanded the order in writing, which this brave Rajeev refused to give. Did Sonia wants to claim that this was the brave work? Rajeev has done. If she? then I am sorry. We the people of India do not subscribe to such opinions. Then how does Rajeev said that he would come before Babri Mosque. There may be either of two possibility, first he not at all used any such dialogue, it is being made by Sonia in normal course of her habit of lying, and Secondly Rajeev might have said so to create an impression over his wife. Because most of the brave people like Rajeev use to show their bravery only inside the bedroom. In fact Sonia should clarify to the people, either of these two which one is correct.
There are some more Hindi movies have got released in the recent past. Better Author of her speech should write few new dialogues and give it to her to read it. Unfortunately we the people of India if see a tourist English lady in our village we all surround her to see what she is. Mrs Gandhi I think is unaware of this fact. When we get the news that foreigner wife of Mr Rajeev is coming to our city or village, we do reach there to see how she looks? And what she is saying? After all when she makes a speech in Hindi it sounds like some new machine has been discovered, which can read Hindi and it is being tested before the people. People of India do appreciate such efforts of scientists. And some time they do vote for such inventions, specifically if someone from Nehru Gandhi dynasty discovers that machine.
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