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Sonia Gandhi's prime ministerial candidature has split the party and stalwart like Sharad Pawar, P.A. Sangama and many more had to Part Company with. She is not a uniting factor but a dividing one. Even at this stage she is a potential divider. Her foreignness accentuates the divide. The so-called unity of the Congress party is the result of total helplessness of its leaders. Those who keep close watch on Congress, know it fully well, how her coterie captured the party structure. During one of the Congress working committee meetings Mafia type operation was conducted to browbeat a number of CWC members. She is president of the party and leader of opposition not because she is popular or uniting factor but because of culture of dynastic subservience. This Italian lady infiltrated into the dynasty by marriage, therefore, she is rather misfit for political inheritance. That is why her coterie had to indulge in Mafia operations, at least at two crucial junctures.
The naked truth is that CWC did not, on its own, decide to expel Sharad Pawar, Sangma and Tariq Anwar. It was coerced to do so. Coerced by what? By the threatening and violent crowd outside? Yes, but, that is only half the truth.
The 'crowds' masquerading as 'workers' were under instructions from "their handlers" - a newspaper had reported. Instructions to do what? To ensure that, first, the trio was expelled by the Working Committee, and next, no interim President was appointed in the place of Madam Sonia who had sent her resignation. Four Secretaries of the party had warned against any such move even before the meeting had started. The newspaper had reported that this was an effort by 10, Janpath' to see that no interim replacement of Sonia was attempted.
Who was the 'handler' and what is 10 Janpath are now open secrets. It is the poor widow of Rajeev Gandhi who had been hurt by three senior leaders of her own party telling to her face the most obvious truth - that "she is a foreigner, an Italian, by birth" - and expressed their view that the party should not make her the Prime Minister. Congressmen hardly spoke the truth after 1947. The three who violated the self-imposed discipline of the Congress are now out of the party.
Her coteries send goons to the AICC office. They broke Sitaram Kesri's car, heckled and even manhandled the Reddys, the Dhawans and Shindes who entered the meeting. Finally they signed the pledge document. But they did go beyond the warning from 10, Janpath - but strictly secretly. They passed a resolution condemning the goondas - but being to terrified to release it, they kept it secret. That they have kept it a secret, shows that it would point at - as condemning the goondas would in essence meant court marshalling her.
Once Sonia Gandhi succeeded in enslaving the Congress leaders the coterie around her captured the whole party apparatus rendering everybody helpless. In 1999 when Congress fought under her leadership in an atmosphere of crescendo of hype. In spite of all these Congress reached lowest mark of its history 111 Lok Sabha seats.
It was evident when Sonia Gandhi and her allies could not muster enough support. She had to go to President and express inability to form the Govtrnment for numbers were not enough. All the secular calls and pleadings could not get them even one vote from BJP camp. On the other hand the Index of Opposition Unity is at it’s lowest. Even the Left unity could not be maintained. RJD and Samajwadi Party are at loggerheads. The Congress too was demoralised for committed Himalayan blunders by claiming that she had support of 272 MPs at the very outset, while meeting President K.R. Narayanan.
But for SP leader Mulayam Singh’s opposition to Italy born Sonia Gandhi to occupy the seat of Prime Minister ship of a country of hundred crores. Mr Mulayam Singh was the real hero of 1999. It was he who did not allow Mrs Sonia Gandhi to occupy the highest post of Prime Minister. Even today he is one who is blocking the Sonia to become Prime Minister. The day Uttar Pradesh goes to the hands of Indian National Congress Sonia will definitely become the Prime Minister. But Shri Mulayam Singh is determine to oppose Sonia. He is making all efforts to make Uttar Pradesh out of bound for Sonia Gandhi.
President K.R. Narayanan would have sworn in Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister of India but L.K. Advani’s compelling argument about a Lakshman Rekha of 270 MPs could not let it happen. For Sonia Gandhi it looked a certainty and therefore along with other family members Predebon Maino, the mother of Sonia had already arrived in New Delhi from their home in Orbassano on the outskirts of Torino in Italy. Sonia Gandhi was sure that by virtue of being the leader of second largest party, President would invite her to form the government after the defeat of Vajpayee government. The fresh letters of support to Vajpayee from BJP and all the allies accounting for 270 MPs were given to President and the argument was made public.
During tragic 5 days, when Sonia Gandhi was at the brink of taking oath of Office of Prime Minister. Danger of slipping India into the hands of a person of foreign origin did become almost real. There was reaction galore ranging from humiliation to disgust from all parts of the country as well as from NRIs. Had there been some India born Congress leaders in place of Sonia Gandhi, the scenario would have been different. Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origin has become an important issue and it is going to dominate whether one likes it or not.
Senior Congress leader Pranab Kumar Mukharjee was asked by Press in Bhopal, if Congress President Sonia Gandhi continued to be citizen of Italy, he said Sonia Gandhi is an Indian citizen. However he had no inkling if she still remained an Italian citizen as well. He said that dual citizenship was being allowed by several countries.
She told the President of India that she had the support of 272 MPs to head a Government. In fact, she did not have that support. Worse, as Mr P. A. Sangma has stated on record, she had not even been authorised by the CWC itself to put in a claim to prime minister ship.
After meeting the President of India, she came out and told the media that he had asked her to continue her efforts at forming an alternative Government and to get back to him at the earliest possible.
The Rashtrapati Bhavan had to issue a written statement setting the record straight. That it was not the President of India who had asked her to continue her efforts and get back to him at the earliest possible. That it was Mrs Sonia Gandhi who had told the President of India that she would continue her efforts and get back to him at the earliest possible.
Her design and conspiracies having failed, Mrs Sonia Gandhi went back to the President of India and had the temerity to once again lie and claim that she had the support of 239 MPs, when in fact she had nothing of the kind!
A fall-out of that fascist trait has certainly descended into Sonia Gandhi. Her lie to the President in April 1999 that she had the support of 272 members of Parliament, the melodrama she enacted after Pawar & Co questioned her citizenship status, and her effort to con the whole country into believing that she was going to contest the election from Cuddapah these are palpable examples of the kind of lady she is, and how authoritarian she is, and how much she is at ease with falsehood.
A fledgling Indian dot com company called made a big splash by releasing a tape involving a few BJP and Samata party functionaries and some retired defence men. It went on to claim that it had 'exposed' massive corruption within the defence establishment, including India's Defence Minister George Fernandes. The Indian print media and television, especially's sponsor Zee TV, prominently featured the story, sensationalizing it in the bargain. The Congress (and the Communists) immediately demanded that the Vajpayee Government resign on 'moral grounds', citing national security as the reason. The loudest voice was that of Sonia Gandhi, who went on to call Vajpayee a gaddar (traitor). 1
It was absurd in the first place for the Congress and the Communists to don the mantle of national security, let alone morality. Congress gave away a large part Kashmir and all of Tibet; the Communists have openly supported Chinese attacks on India, not to mention the atrocities and the Partition. And Sonia Gandhi, following her now infamous tea party, immobilized the Government long enough to facilitate the Pakistanis to infiltrate in Kargil. (Pakistan rewarded her by prominently featuring her anti-Government speeches on Pak TV during the Kargil War.) 1
But then events took a bizarre turn. Her former ally Subramanian Swamy issued a press statement claiming that Sonia Maino and the Maino family had been paid agents of the notorious Soviet intelligence agency KGB. He referred interested parties to the now open Soviet Archives and also to a book written by a distinguished Russian journalist. This led to panic in the Sonia camp. According to some reports she sent an SOS to her son Rahul to give up his job in London and join her in her time of distress. (My report is that Rahul who has dropped out of several colleges has no job, but that is a different story.) 1
Immediately after the Swamy revelation, the Congress refused to allow the Parliament to meet. This is strange to say the least. With the supposedly 'explosive' Tehelka tapes, any opposition party would be itching for a debate in the Parliament. If anything, it should be the NDA (including the BJP) that would want to avoid debate- as the Congress did after the Bofors scandal. But of course, once Parliament meets, there is nothing to stop the BJP (or anyone else) from raising questions about the Sonia-KGB connection. This behaviour of Congress - running away from any debate in Parliament - lends substance and credibility to Swamy's charge. 1
As far as the contents of the Tehelka tapes are concerned, they are worth nothing. C. Rajagopal widely regarded as one of the world's foremost photographic experts say that the 'evidence' of the tapes would be thrown of any court in five minutes. Even worse, they would not be admissible even in an FIR (first information report), without which there cannot even be an investigation. To begin with, the 'evidence' was obtained illegally. Even the police need a court order to tape secretly. When the tapes were shown on TV, most people could not make head or tail out of it, but depended entirely on the comments gratuitously provided by the broadcaster. (The CEO of Tehelka is a nephew of Arjun Singh and the chief of Zee TV is close to Congress.) 1
So the tactic becomes clear. Attack is often the best form of defence. Accuse the NDA- including Fernandes and Vajpayee of being security threats to forestall any possible exposure of her own record, including possible links to the KGB and the Vatican secret agency Opus Dei. So here is the truth behind the Congress antics: even though it is blocking parliamentary proceedings in the name of Tehelka, its real concern is the exposure of Sonia Maino-Gandhi's questionable past. This remains shrouded in mystery, but it is worth looking at the little that is available. 1
Then there's Sonia's duplicity. She seeks our acceptance by constantly appealing to our vast illiterate and emotional people in the idiom of the female gender, representing herself as bahu, beti, maa and vidhwa. She also made a big show earlier in support of the women's reservation legislation by leading a delegation of her gender to the Lok Sabha portals. However, after the Yadavs snatched the Bill from the Speaker and the people realised how helpless the Vajpayee government was in the face of such political behaviour, Sonia Gandhi, instead of coming to the government's help in introducing a landmark legislation for India's women, started proclaiming that it was the government's job to secure consensus on the issue.
It was as transparent as her father's fascist trait that Sonia Gandhi was not interested in the women's reservation law per se, but only insofar as it brought laurels to her and her alone. If Sonia really want to prove that she is in favour of the bill than today she is more powerful than Prime Minister she should get the bill passed.
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