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Sonia Gandhi has not studied beyond High School. She has falsely claimed in her affidavit filed as a contesting candidate before the Rae Bareli Returning Officer in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, that she qualified and got a diploma in English from the prestigious University of Cambridge, UK. 1
The truth is that Ms. Gandhi has never studied in any college anywhere. She did go to a Catholic nun run seminary-school called Maria Ausiliatrice in Giaveno [15 kms from adopted home town of Orbassabo]. Poverty those days forced young Italian girls to go to such missionaries and then in their teens go to UK to get jobs as cleaning maids, waitresses and au pair. The Mainos were poor those days. 1
Her father was a mason and mother a sharecropper. 1
Sonia thus went to the town of Cambridge and first learnt some English in a teaching shop called Lennox School [which has since 1970 been wound up]. That is all her "education" i.e. ---learnt enough English language to get domestic help jobs. 1 It is worth mentioning that Lennox School which has since 1970 been wound up has never been affiliated to Cambridge University as it has been claimed by Sonia Gandhi in her affidavit filed before returning officer of Raibarelli. But Sonia gave false information about her education because in Indian society education is highly valued. Thus, to fool the Indian public, Sonia Gandhi wilfully fibbed about her qualifications in Parliamentary records [which is a Breach of Ethics Rules] and in a sworn affidavit [which is criminal offence under IPC, severe enough to disqualify her from being MP]. In popular parlance, this is called 420 or 10 "numberi" [not to be confused with 10 Janpath]. 1
On June 1 2004, Mr Manoj Kaushik wrote to the Press Centre, University of Cambridge as mentioned below: -
To, The Press Centre,
University of Cambridge,
Dear Sir,
With due respect I wish to submit few lines for your kind perusal. I request you some Clarification regarding affiliation of a school with University of Cambridge. Recently a person declared in her affidavit that she did a Certificate course at; Lennox Cook School, University of Cambridge in 1967. Link to the affidavit .
Implying that Lennox Cook School is an affiliate of University of Cambridge.
Later on we learnt that the school is closed and there is some scepticism that the school is not affiliated to Cambridge University .In this regard we that you are the correct body to contact for clarification.
I earnestly request you to clarify us how 'Lennox Cook School' is associated with Cambridge University .
Regards Manoj Kaushik
On 28 September 2004 Mr. R. Vaidyanathan, Professor of Finance & Control of UTI Chair Professor and ICSSR National Fellow, wrote following letter: -
Laura Morgan,
Press and Publications Office,
University of Cambridge,
Dear Laura Morgan,
I am sure you are aware of the excitement and curiosity generated in India regarding the claim of Mrs. Sonia [Rajeev] Gandhi regarding her studies, at a language school-Lennox School-affiliated to your University. She swears in the affidavit [for getting elected as an MP] that she completed Certificate of English from Lennox Cook School-University of Cambridge in the year 1965. Other leaders have contested the fact that the language school was part of Cambridge University.
Either the said school was part of your University system [in terms of recognition] or it was not. I am sure you will agree with me that there cannot be a third option.
Under the circumstances it would be most appropriate for a prestigious university like yours, to issue a press statement / clarification in this matter. Normally, you may not want to issue press statements on many such claims and counter claims. But in this case, the matter pertains to an important and highly respected leader of India [a Commonwealth Country] and the affidavit and dispute are in the public domain.
I am a professor, for more than two decades at a prestigious business school n India. If your University does not take cognisance of this important and serious issue, and fail to bestow the attention it requires, then as an academician of more than twenty five year standing [including, as a visiting Professor at Manchester Business School and at other major US schools], I will be forced to conclude that your University is not particularly interested in truthful representation of credentials and perhaps encourages commonwealth leaders to follow-- suggestio veri suppresio falsi-principle.
I hope for the sake of academic integrity and truthfulness, your university will issue a press statement at the earliest. I am not a member of any political party in India and this letter of mine is essentially from an academician for the purpose of clarification in the light of the debate it has generated in our country. I am eager that tall leaders of my country are not tarred by insinuation by irresponsible politicians.
It is also part of a small effort on my part to clean our electoral system, which needs many changes.
I am giving below the copy of the affidavit filed by Mrs. Sonia { Rajeev] Gandhi before the returning officer for her Parliamentary election held in May 2004.
Thank you for your time and hope to get a response from your side.
Professor of Finance and control &
UTI Chair Professor and ICSSR National Fellow
On September 28, 2004 spokesperson of Cambridge University categorically sated that "The Lennox School was never affiliated to the Cambridge University".
Earlier talking to reporters separately, Dr. Swamy said he had filed a criminal complaint with the Rae Bareli District Magistrate, who is also the Returning Officer of the Lok Sabha constituency, against Ms. Sonia Gandhi for filing a "false affidavit" regarding her educational qualifications. He said an "action" committee comprising members of various political parties would organise meetings at major cities to "expose the true colours" of Ms. Gandhi. 5
Dr Swamy, who met the RO Rae Bareli, produced what he said was "documentary evidence" to prove that Sonia was never a student of the Cambridge University. He submitted two letters dated November 21 and 28 2001) from the Cambridge University student records and statistics authorities stating that no student with the name of either Sonia Maino or Gandhi was ever registered with the university.
Dr Swamy demanded that the RO should quash Sonia's election from Rae Bareli parliamentary constituency and initiate criminal proceedings against her under sections 177, 181 and 191 of the IPC for wilful false declaration on the affidavit she had filed before the RO in May 2004 that she had a degree from the University of Cambridge.
"The fact of the matter is that she has not even passed high school and is barely literate. Yet, she has lied to the electorate, committed a criminal offence and hence unfit to be an MP," he said at a press conference in Lucknow after his return from Rae Bareli. Earlier, Dr Swamy had filed two more cases against Sonia. Two PILs, accusing Sonia of receiving huge sums from KGB and her involvement into antique smuggling, are pending before the Delhi High Court. The Delhi HC has issued notices to CBI fixing November 17 as the next date for hearing.The Janata Party president declared that he would file three more cases against Sonia in near future. "One would deal with corruption and amassing disproportionate assets. The other would be based on her suspected involvement in the conspiracy behind her husband late Rajiv Gandhi's assassination and the third for keeping the Italian citizenship even today," he announced, demanding cancellation of her Indian citizenship.
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  1. how does it matter...why dont u write abt rabri devi and so many politicians who r uneducated...
    doesnt make sense to me...though an interesting read!!

    1. It is not a matter of education but it is a matter of a wrong information put by a leader of the nation.

    2. True that also she is the most influencial under educated person..
      who rules india without brain

    3. most of the BJP leader also mentioned wrong information in her affidavit. one more question what is sources of this new which u mentioned here


    5. Is it yet required?? Its just an example of a success of a school dropout.. perhaps as a coincidence or some personal relations.

  2. Hi Ravi ...

    I dont know how a school can be running on its own without having associated with any university ... Do you need a movement to confirm this fact & to maintain integrity of the academics & education system , I'll be more than happy to join & lead one !
    One cannot continue to be citizen of India after he/she intentionally submitted the false information ...the grounds are strong to cancel the citizenship...imagine if the same is done by a H1B or Workpermit holder in UK ...what will happen !

    Secondly - this also boils down to our election system , even for hiring a clerk in govt office or office boy in pvt company -we expect certain academic qualification ...can there be a bill to include regular academic degree as a mandatory criteria !!!

  3. Mr. Swamy raises questions over educational qualifications, nationality of Sonia & Rahul Gandhi,


  4. We definatly question on minimum educational qualification of every politician.
    I believe educated will get less time to work in potics and do some dirty politics than the uneducated do. So the Sonia. If she is not even 7th standard and parcelled to India to rule, What will be our fate?

  5. @db
    It is very strange that it doesn't matter for you. As far as Rabri Devi and others are concerned (I am not favouring or supporting them, i too appreciate the well educated politicians ), at least they are not hiding their educational background and most important is that after all they are Indians not Italians !


  7. I rather be uneducated like Ms. Sonia Gandhi than Mr. Swami who doesn't seem to have any respect for a human being who is not educated. Education without humility was discarded by the Mahatma. What is education getting only degrees? This man, what has he achieved with all his education behaving so cheaply? This short of behavior is it not a sort of racism? So poor and disgusting!

    1. Are u fool ?She is peak level of our country and we all have right to asses her back ground?The biggest quest....why she told lie abt education?

    2. i think she should create a country where people like you are there...seems you are very happy for a leader who provides fake document about education during election....she frauds then and you think she will make your country prosperous?? dude its not about lack of education,,its about a severe lie from a person who might have taken over the country,,,,,what a disaster...i wish people like u get some brain

  8. My dear Sampson Dr Swamy's point is not about Sonia being uneducated but being criminal in filing a factually inaccurate affidavit before the EC. You have completely missed point and hence your fulminations against Dr Swamy are quite beside the point.

  9. The whole incident proves once again that our ruling dynasty has bought everyone.But what worries and angers me most is the sycophantic behaviour of our English media both print and electronic typified by our Barkha Dutts and Arnav Goswamys before any member of the Nehru-Gandhi family.They bark at everyone like watch-dogs but but fawn like lapdogs before ruling family. How else does one explain, as Jethmalani asked, the total blackout of the news published in Switzerland Illustrate?

  10. The point is not how/why such people manage to reach the top rungs of political parties; it is rather how such practice can be avoided.
    Congress, like many other parties, does not follow any democratic norms in electing their leaders. When their constitution makes elections mandatory, they never elect their leaders: from bottom to top, leaders are only getting nominated. And such nominations, invariable always, come from Delhi.
    If a party fails to be democratic, it fails to be eligible in participating in the democratic process of the country. This is constitutional question which has to be addressed with due emphasis. And this question has to be raised, with adequate documentary evidence against such erring parties, before the court of law; and therein, the prayer should be to declare the party undemocratic, and hence illegal and ineligible to participate in the democratic process of the country.
    And it is such undemocratically elected leaders who sit together and choose candidates for the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. This is again highly unethical.
    To be democratic, for elections, candidates are to be only elected, not nominated. And the Election Commission has to be satisfied with the process by which each party arrives at its list of candidates.
    Lack of such a democratic process has serious impact on the political system: invariably always wrong people get candidature; by hook or crook they win; they become legislators and ministers; they make even such decisions like who should be the president and vice president of the country and the like!
    I strongly believe that such questions can be raised before the court: thousands of petitions should stream into the courts and the office of the election commission.
    Whether it is Lok Pal or Jan Lok Pal, it cannot prevent corrupt people from becoming legislators.
    To be modest and precise, the present political process of our country is no democracy; it is a product of connivance and something much worse that dictatorship!

    1. Democracy ? I am afraid we are not in !!!
      It may perhaps be Oligarchy.

  11. a non matrc can not handle the govt of india...

  12. so he put manmohan singh to understand the points of the government policy,manmohan is also taking desion from her and what ever they do is not correct..the rise of petrol and diesel is breaking the back bone of india, they want to crush the country by overload of money by rising the rate, the fate of congress is not good..

  13. It’s a serendipity that a daughter of a building mason to become one of the most powerful women in India - Sonia Gandhi

  14. its a shameless incident if a peoples representative is doing such type of thing what she will teach to the peoples...

  15. Being an un-educated Sonia Gandhi managed to make fool Rajiv Gandhi, Son of a Prime misnister of India. Is that not a great quality? Being un-educated she is the top most person of the Indian ruling party. Is that not a great quality?
    So Sonia has in born quality, whether she has education or not, does not matter...

  16. If Some one lie to us than we angree or cheat us what happend?? we got angree we not thinking about this the lie is huge or short. So because that here the matter is she lie from public of india which is wrong. And here someone said in their comment in govt. or private sector also a false selection uneducated person work there without any specific qualification. here matter is why lie word is come when we take a name of sonia. lie is lie than is it huge or sort. jai hind jai bharat. If anybody cheat & lie from us or from public of india it comes under a crime & it would be take seriously by everyone because she is president of indian national congress party of india. And after that she say lie from us ity is crime. If one littile child lie from their mom/dad both of the angree on child. there is no matter the lie is huge, sort , lie is lie

  17. Indians were ruled & being ruled by foreigners since 1000 years
    They read their History in Schools and Colleges considering
    them and making them(foreigners) as heroes !!! It is not known as to how many generations will take for purification of the
    blood of servitude.
    generations will take to come out of this

  18. I respect your initiative...and admire your desire to change the system....but What she has got is her fate!!....may be it is GOD wish....And GOD is the best Judge!!...If GOD wants her to live a 'ROYAL' life...nobody in this world can rob her off her fortunes.....and again if GOD takes his eye from somebody on someday....even a God-like man 'ASHARAM' would be caught!!........Even the world goes BLIND, if GOD has HIS eyes on someone!!....we are simply a medium by GOD....and After all since she has joined the politics......She has been leading congress for 10yrs....and still one can see the humility in her face....not many can carry success for so long(atleast in indian politics) without getting carried.....that is why she figured in the influential people of world(with no 'SERIOUS' blot in her carrier unlike HITLER or MODI.) run politics or serve is not as important as CHARACTER....unless that education builds a is worthless.....SO in short i can say....IT IS GOD'S WISH ....we should do our duty and pursue our goals without pulling somebody'e leg....because these things like degrees, qualifications can be bought both genuinely or falsely, but not all can reach there where she is GOD-GIVEN fame is given 'ONLY' by GOD...and only to those who HE feels DESERVING!!!.....Jai Hind!!

    1. With all due respect, people can't get away with everything in the name of God.
      I am not validating the allegation in any way and infact I don't believe that its true but everyone knows what Sonia and the INC have done to our country.
      Leave the country , they have been in power in Delhi for 10 years, it is now the most polluted place in the world and they couldn't care less.
      As for her character and success , you talk like you've known her since her diaper days but even so, if we wanted a bride , we would consider those. As the leader of our country , I think we need sincerity and patriotism both of which she severely lacks considering how her party is involved in every scam organized to suck our hard earned money.
      Trust me no one has any interest in robbing her of her fortunes, we just want to save what little her govt. has left for us.

  19. It is not merely educational qualification, for which I am worried, it is making false claim about her qualification. And read other things about her life, and make a comprehensive view. Thanks for Comment.

  20. It's not the matter how much and good education she has ? How has she been making fool since a long time and all things are being absorbed by our constitution while giving wrong information to the election commission, everything is fair if you stay at 10 janpath because you are the person who makes rule and you are also the excuter. After all , you can imagine what is the level deceiving the comman people while she has a great power, anyone can do like this wrong deed if you have this level of power. Nothing can be changed in our nation.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Congressi and it's AAKA / Supremo and it's alliances parties (most of persons) are fraud or corrupt so people showed them the way out.

  23. Instead of reaising questions regarding verification of affidavit(s) related to educational qualification or any other facts about a candidate contesting any election, it should be the constitutional and legal responsibility of the election commission. Why should we waste time and energy for searching petty questions when our whole political system does provide adequate space to education of the contesting candidates. Instead of posting any comments, it is better to sit on a Dharna on Jantar Mantar to make the public and media familiar with the worries of nation-Vishva Guru (Bharat). To all those who write any comment on these issues, please do some thing concrete and show your precious existence utilitarian for the country and common masses. Tolerance power of Indians is embedded in our genetic code. Respected scientists, kindly investigate any mutative gene to alter the slave mentality in the modern democratic set up of our country.

  24. its very interesting fact for we all Indian an uneducated woman is ruling India from years of years but we people voted that woman and she ruled us anyway its an old story at present how can congress party raise question over Smriti Irani as Sonia is not 10th pass.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. nothing wrong if any woman is less educated or even uneducated.but lying to the EC about her educational qualifications is very grave & serious.a leader who can lie to the EC will lie to the PUBLIC?VOTER . why don,t the EC verify the educational qualifications of candidates ?The EC shud take strong actions against such candidates who befool the electorate