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Did Sonia Gandhi step down from the race to be Prime Minister because her "inner voice" suddenly told her to do so? Why did this "voice" speak, despite her being elected Congress Parliamentary Party leader and after obtaining letters of support from all allied parties? 1
Apparently, it was not the "inner voice" but certain queries that could have been put to her by the President of India, custodian of the Constitution, which caused her to withdraw her name. 1
Contrary to attempts by Congressmen and Communists to portray her eleventh-hour retreat as a "personal decision" spurred by her children, it could be the clarifications apparently sought by President A P J Abdul Kalam that resulted in the rethink. The President, it is reliably learnt, did not out rightly reject her candidature for the post of the Prime Minister. However, he is believed to have sought certain clarifications on a few points regarding the precise status of her Indian citizenship. 1
That probably explains why Ms Gandhi's decision to opt out came only after she emerged from the Rashtrapati Bhawan after meeting the President on Tuesday at 12.30 pm. 1
That could also explain why she did not allow the entourage of allied parties to accompany her for the meeting, contrary to custom. 1
The President may have conveyed to her that in view of the legal and constitutional queries raised, he would need some more time to examine the matter. Accordingly, there could be no swearing-in on Wednesday, May 19 1
If we want to know the legal question involved in appointment of Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister then we must refer following provision of the citizenship Act 1955.
1. The term "adherence" had to be clarified, 1
2. Section 5: The crux of this provision of "reciprocity" is that a person of foreign origin, who has acquired the citizenship of India through registration by virtue of marrying an Indian national, cannot enjoy more rights (like becoming Prime Minister), if the same opportunity is not available to an Indian-born citizen in that particular country. 1
3. Another petition submitted to the President on Tuesday by Sushma Swaraj pointed out the fact that a Defence or Indian Foreign Service official cannot even marry a foreign national without permission, or must quit his post. How could a person of foreign origin be handed over the nuclear button in such circumstances, Ms Swaraj's petition demanded to know. 1
Fact of the matter is she has played a most treacherous political game and did not sacrifice anything as said and perceived by many. She is most cunning and shrewd and was well aware of her weaknesses and limits to grasp this highest most responsible job of PM. she was fully of the knowledge that if she had gone for this job she would fall-flat in a very short time. She knew that she will not be able to meet the expectations of the people to whom she had made false promises. She knows that she does not qualify for this post. She had fears and she has inferiority complex because she lacks basic qualification, experience and the required standard of integration. She still feels herself half-Indian. She is still not coloured with Indian culture and traditions and deep from her heart she is still a pariah, which makes her uncertain. Assassinations of her mother-in-law and husband are haunting her and is afraid to get involved directly in National affairs. Moreover she did the best bargain to stay behind the scenes and dictate the weakest PM (chosen by her and he feels highly grateful and obligated to listen and do all that what she wants). Here she has long plans to learn political tricks and ability to rule. If the BJP and NDA continue with this querulous attitude Sonia Gandhi will come-up with surprise and will take-over PM job. She is just waiting for that day when NDA will breakaway and BJP will be left alone. Practically no opposition will be her best bet and chance. Through this bargain she has won much more than she could have achieved as PM. Moreover that was the best what she thought for her and her family. It is no sacrifice and those who believe so are the foolest of the fools. Western media and politicians are enjoying with the plight of affairs India is going through and for them it is a sort of mockery, which is a cause of irritation to Indian populace especially the Hindus. Now the western media has given her the status of second most powerful lady on earth. There is comparison of Sonia Gandhi with Condelezzas Rice. Whereas the matter of the fact is that Sonia Gandhi does not qualify to be a Maid in Condelezzas house. Condelezze Rice is of entirely different niveau and is has best qualification and ability to command and control and Sonia a mere nitwit. She is enjoying respect from the poor downtrodden and innocent people of this country and they are plenty in few states in India. These people are most susceptible and easy to manipulate through colourful promises. She has learnt one thing for sure that is art of misusing and exploiting the innocent and their hospitality. She is too fast in establishing her position and she has the right place and right people. These people are interested in money and comfort and are ready to do anything and everything for that even at the cost of Nations honour, dignity and pride. These are insidious parasites of our society and are ready to put the Nation back to colonialism so long they are appointed as governors.
Sonia Gandhi's appointment as prime minister certainly that would have led to a massive agitation, more intense than the Mandal stir.
When Sonia Gandhi along with Dr Singh met the President for the first time, she had been elected leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party and had received the letters of support from her allies. The President was yet to receive letters supporting Dr Singh. Interestingly, the invitation to Dr Singh was framed in Rashtrapati Bhawan on the basis of media reports. Evidently, opinions differed on the candidature of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. The President reportedly went through the certified copy of a legal view in relation to Sonia Gandhi, brought by Subramaniam Swamy. Kalam also received Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharati and Govindacharya.
Events show that Dr Singh was elected leader of the CPP at 7 pm and given the Presidential invitation to form the Government at 8.30 pm.
The other reason may be the intelligence reports that Sonia Gandhi received from national and foreign agencies suggesting polarisation of political forces in the country leading to a dreadful scenario. Maybe, she also came to know about the issue of her foreign origin having been examined by Rashtrapati Bhawan. The opinion tendered by legal luminary Fali Nariman, a Parsi considered close to the Gandhi family, on the very issue could also have influenced Sonia's views.
The Swaraj factor: Did Sonia Gandhi decide to opt out due to Sushma Swaraj's threat to launch agitation to protest a person of foreign origin becoming PM? Probably. She as well as Govindacharya were among the factors. Sushma has known Sonia more closely than others ever since she contested against her in Bellary. Sushma had set up her office in Bellary, a Congress bastion, only 20 days before actual polling and cornered some 3,80,000 votes on the foreign origin plank.
For someone who seemed all set to step into 7, Race Course Road right after the announcement of the election results and admitted as much when she said that “normally the leader of the largest party becomes prime minister,” Sonia’s last minute bowing out is indeed mysterious.
Earlier, Dr. Swamy had filed a case against Sonia, accusing her and her family in Italy of smuggling precious art pieces out of India. The petition was dismissed by the Delhi high court but Swamy still believed he had a case. The moment it became clear to him that Sonia was going to stake her claim to forming the government, Swamy sought an appointment with Kalam and placed his protest on record.
Swamy did not disclose the contents of the documents he took to Kalam but after his meeting with the president earlier this week, he told a television channel that the documents he had submitted to him contained hard evidence which could not be ignored by any objective viewer and that they were highly damaging to Sonia’s prospects as prime minister.
Swamy’s meeting with the president went largely uncovered by the media. The story doing the rounds is that Sonia was shown the documents by Kalam when she met him and that this proved to be the proverbial last straw on the camel’s back.
Sonia was already under attack for perpetuating dynastic rule and even her admirers agree that her only claim to fame, at least until she led her party to victory in this election, was her second name. Besides, the extremist Hindu social and political outfits have carried out an incessant campaign against Sonia for her religion and have openly said that they would not allow a Christian to rule a country where over eighty per cent of the population is Hindu.
The BJP’s threat to boycott her swearing-in as prime minister seems to have had its own psychological impact on Sonia who claims to have joined politics, not for power, but in order to be able to serve the country.
Another reason for Sonia's not getting PM post may be the reaction of Mumbai Stock brokers before whose eyes Rs 2,50,000 Crore melted in four days. As the government formation delayed beyond expectation and the much-awaited common minimum programme of the Congress coalition failed to make an appearance, stock markets heated up. Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) started selling stock in a phased manner.
The Left parties aggravated the situation. Sitaram Yechury and Somnath Chatterjee of the CPI(M), and A.B. Bardhan of the CPI questioned the NDA's disinvestments decisions. Confusion prevailed as the Congress refused to be drawn into the slanging match. "There was a complete lack of clarity on policy, leaders and direction," said Andrew Holland, Executive Vice-president of DSP Merrill Lynch.
The result was disastrous. On Monday, May 17, the BSE his the bottom circuit of 10 percent, twice leading to a halt in trading by three hours. In just under one hour, 15 percent of the index was swept aside. It set a chain reaction; the rupee lost against the dollar and gold and silver were quoted low.
The madness at the bourses had its impact. The Left made amends while 'the original reformer' Manmohan Singh of the Congress pledged to take reforms forward. Even the stoic finance minister Jaswant Singh came out to appeal against "irresponsible" statements. The market slide was arrested, but the sentiment remained depressive. On May 18, heavy purchasing was restored.
Then came the Congress rethinking. A man with commendable reform credentials, Manmohan, was widely touted as the next Prime Minister. The Sensex pulled back 500 points and nearly Rs 76000 Crore in market capitalisation. When Manmohan went to meet President Abdul Kalam, the market was riding high with a gain of 129 points and crossed 5000 points.
Whether it was stock market or normal citizens, it became clear that they would not allow Sonia to be the Prime Minister.
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