Friday, April 3, 2009


Most of us feel that they know everything about husband of Sonia Gandhi. Even when most of us know most of the things I would like to bring to your notice some information I came across. Rajeev Gandhi’s father was Firoz Khan a Muslim by birth. His grand father was Nawab Khan of Junagarh. It is also said that Rajeev’s mother Indira was Hindu, who became Muslim before her Nikah was held with Firoz. But Mahatma Gandhi ordered Nehru to ask Firoz to change his surname from Khan to Nehru and to fool the Indian masses Vedic marriage was held between Firoz and Indira. Firoz never converted to any other religion but was cremated at last. All Muslim brothers must note this fact. Mind it, Congress party or I should say Nehru Gandhi dynasty could do any thing to fool the people of this country as they cremated Muslim Firoz Gandhi to appease Hindu population of this country. The Gandhi dynasty is afraid that people should not come to know about their origination. Rajeev Gandhi after becoming Prime Minister of India addressed a press conference at London and said he is a Parsi. A person whose father is a Muslim, whose mother is a Hindu, whose father in law is a Muslim how he became Parsi if Rajeev has not answered this question I think Sonia is to answer. It seems to me that Rajeev Gandhi and company feel shame in saying that they are Muslims. 3Rajeev Gandhi went to Cambridge for Higher Education. He failed in a single class consecutively for three years and was thrown out of university without any certificate. It is also possible that Rajeev could not pass even a single exam in those three years because he was busy in searching a white suitable girl for him. It is also possible that he could not study because he was engaged in love affairs with a girl who was neither knowing Hindi not English. But a person who failed thrice in a class was placed in Indian politics with honour of Mr. Clean and was propagated as being the biggest scholar who has come to politics to take the country to 21st Century. If we start research as to how Rajeev get a pilot licence, I hope it would also reveal some secrets.
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