Friday, April 3, 2009


It has been a great tragedy that for last several centuries our people have been kept in dark about the true identity of our rulers. I am not speaking here of our common people who, in great measure, have been denied education and literacy, induced to lay down their lives in battles, almost like mercenaries, I am speaking here of our so called educated men who are more eager to advocate the right of lesbians, than about the antecedents of their own foreign-born rulers. The thing has deteriorated so much that the entire country happily romps around today, with a foreign born woman of unknown pedigree. 3
Did you notice that we are never told about the roots of Sonia, her background, her family, how many brothers and sisters she has, the name of her father, his profession, which town or village she comes from, in small little things that familiarize the people with the self-appointed ruler by virtue of an accidental wedding abroad? In India, we are not told the name of Rajiv's paternal grandfather or how did the universal uncle Jawahar Lal died or wherefrom did the adjunct 'Nehru' come from. Moti Lal's father's name was Ganga Dhar; why then Motilal was not named Motilal Dhar? And so on and so forth; we have a great deal of unknowns to discover and be familiar with. My work is not an original work it is compilation of facts spread across the world but not being discussed due to one reason or other. 3
It is story of most mysterious lady of 21st century; one who was on the edge to become prime minister, when research is conducted on her life she becomes more mysterious. What is the last truth about the lady? Neither this lady want to say herself nor it is possible for any normal person to unveil it. This whole book is only a sincere effort by me to produce information collected about her by immense efforts.
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  1. Your efforts are laudable. Join politics and do some good work for the public. people are fed up with corruption and lack of transparency. Kejriwal is struggling