Friday, April 3, 2009


Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated in 1991. Sonia established Rajeev Gandhi foundation. Sonia Gandhi has been involved in converting huge amount of Government money to her own use. Here a few examples are quoted. The Foundation has performed two principal functions. The projection of Sonia Gandhi. And enticing an array of leaders, intellectuals, journalists etc. into nets of patronage and pelf.
On Risana road land was acquired. The land was meant to house offices of the Congress. A large, ultra-modern building was built the finance was provided by bunch of technical devices, which remain a mystery. The building had but to get completed, and Sonia misappropriated it for the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation she completely controls. The Congress (I) did not just oblige by keeping silent about the takeover of its building, in the very first budget its Government presented upon returning to power, it provided Rs 100 crores to this Foundation. The furore that give-away caused was so great that the largesse had to be cancelled. No problem. Business house after business house, even public sector enterprises incurring huge losses, coughed up crores. Incidentally, it was the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation to which the ''clean'' and ''gentlemanly'' Manmohan Singh allocated one billion rupees in his very first Budget that was presented, remember, even as part of the nation's gold lay mortgaged abroad. Imagine too the cunning she showed after her husband's demise in starting the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation and grabbing for it the land allotted to the Congress party for its national headquarters. Today, madam reigns over the massive and magnificent building of the Foundation while no one in the Congress has the spine to stake claim to it.
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