Friday, April 3, 2009


· Sonia Gandhi is ethnically non-Indian as she is not a natural citizen of India but a naturalised citizen of this country.
· Sonia Gandhi has not studied beyond High School. She has falsely claimed in her affidavit filed as a contesting candidate before the Rae Bareli Returning Officer in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, that she qualified and got a diploma in English from the prestigious University of Cambridge, UK.
· Ms Sonia Maino married Rajeev Gandhi on February 25, 1968.
· It is also a fact that at the time of 1971 war she went to Italy along with her brave husband Rajeev Gandhi was Pilot of Indian Airlines at that time.
· Sonia violated the provision of FERA for over a year (from January 1,1974 to January 21, 1975) when she was allotted shares in Maruti Technical Services PVT. LTD and was made its Managing Director.
· It is also a fact that after loss of congress in 1977 - Sonia along with her brave husband took asylum in the Italian Embassy.
· Sonia Gandhi has so far not come out with any detailed defence except for her emotion packed speech during a Youth Congress rally when she said, “ I married here, I became a mother here, became a widow here before your eyes and my mother-in–law breathed her last in my arms.”
· Under Section 5(C) of India's Citizenship Act, she became eligible to register herself as a citizen of India on February 25, 1973. But, she chose to continue as an Italian citizen. Mrs Sonia Gandhi applied for Indian citizenship on April 7, 1983. The application was found to be grossly incomplete - in that it did not have any statement by her affirming that she had renounced her Italian citizenship. Nor was there any official document to this effect. On April 27, 1983, the Ambassador for Italy obliged and sent a letter, saying, on her behalf, that she had renounced her Italian citizenship. Such a letter is not enough under India's laws. But since Mrs Indira Gandhi, Mrs Sonia Gandhi's mother in law, was the Prime Minister, no further inquiries were made and Mrs Sonia Gandhi was granted citizenship on April 30, 1983.
· Even though she was not a citizen of India, Mrs Sonia Gandhi's name was smuggled on to the electoral rolls effective January 1, 1980. In 1982, an objection was raised about her being smuggled on to the electoral rolls without being a citizen of India. The objection was found valid and her name was struck off the electoral rolls in the later part of 1982. But, once again, affairs were so managed that, even though Mrs Sonia Gandhi had not become a citizen of India till then, her name was once again smuggled back on to the electoral rolls effective January 1, 1983. As stated earlier, Mrs Sonia Gandhi had not even applied for citizenship till April 7, 1983, and she was granted citizenship only on April 30, 1983.
· It is also a fact that after few days of Rajeev's death Sonia captured the office of AICC unlawfully for Rajeev Gandhi Foundation.
· It is also a fact that without holding any eligibility she became Chairman of Jawaharlal Nehru Museum and Library an institute of research in Contemporary Indian History.
· It is also a fact that Sonia Gandhi criminally misappropriated the property of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, which was property of Government of India with the help of Mr. Madhav Rao Scindia.
· Sonia Gandhi is alleged for using the Christian world to help implement evangelisation-2000 programmes in India. Ashok Singhal, President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad gave a new twist to the issue. He said, “Pope wants to rule India by proxy in the form of Sonia Gandhi. It was after Mrs. Gandhi’s entry into active politics that the country witnessed Hindu-Christian clashes. (Nagpur, June 12, 99)
· It is also a fact that during her tenure as President of Congress party, two states in India were provided with Christian Chief Minister.
· It is also a fact that mother-in-law of Priyanka is a Christian of Italy.
· It is also a fact that her father Stephano Maino was serving to the dictator of Italy Mussolini.
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