Friday, April 3, 2009


One day suddenly it was found that Sonia Gandhi, without having any known sources of income, has become the controller of one of the largest empires of property and patronage in Delhi. The Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Library and Museum is one of the principal institutions for research on contemporary Indian history. It is situated in and controls real estate, which, because of its historical importance, cannot even, be valued. The institution runs entirely on grants from the Government of India. 6Sonia Gandhi has absolutely no qualification that could by any stretch of imagination entitle her to head the institution. Has she secured even an elementary university degree, to say nothing of having done anything that would even suggest some specialization in subjects which the institution has been set up to study. But by mysterious technicalities she is today the head of this institution. So much so that she even decides which scholar may have access to papers even official papers of Pundit Nehru and others of that family, including, if I may stretch the term, Lady Mountbatten.
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